Chongqing public welfare jobs subsidies increased to 1500 January (video) ghost observer

Chongqing "public welfare jobs" subsidies increased to 1500 January Chongqing daily news reporters from the city human social security bureau was informed that the day before, human social security bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the "Chongqing city public welfare post development and management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to further strengthen the development and management of public service jobs, the transitional employment employment difficulties. It is reported that the "measures" covers "General Provisions", "job development and management", "post support policies, subsidies reporting, auditing and finance", "supervision" and "Supplementary Provisions" article 27. The purpose is to strengthen the development and management of public welfare posts, to play an effective role in the government’s social management and public service functions, and to promote the employment of difficult employment. Specifically, the "measures" to more clearly define the position, clear public welfare jobs for the local people’s government at all levels and the local people’s governments at or above the county level departments post development, divided into specific positions and assist in the management of public service jobs. According to the city human social security bureau responsible person, the "measures" coverage is more precise, including male fifty years of age, women over forty years of age, the registered unemployed, subsistence family registered unemployed persons, registered unemployed persons zero employment families, registered unemployed college graduates leave school for two years, the rural poor households in the District registered unemployed persons and other ten categories of personnel. In addition, the "measures" the subsidy standard is more reasonable, the original public welfare post subsidy standard is 2000 yuan a year, the social unit of community public labor organization 5000 yuan a year, now adjusted to the unified public welfare post subsidy standard for the local minimum wage standard (now I was 1500 or 1400 January January), in order to improve the public welfare attractive jobs. City human IESS reminder, employment difficult personnel to meet the conditions, you can go to the local township streets or the Bureau of employment and personnel services, a detailed understanding of scope, public welfare position number, treatment and specific requirements, combined with personal willingness to apply for participation in public service jobs. Video is only extended reading, unrelated to this article will build a public welfare income growth mechanism相关的主题文章: