Cixi elder sister to pay for 400 elderly people pay $about one hundred thousand for the past 8 years-660003

Cixi sister 400 old barber spent about one hundred thousand yuan to pay for 8 years we have a good man in the village, the village more than 400 elderly people 8 years hair money is to pay her, we feel very sorry." A few days ago, who lives in the new town Gaoqiao village of Ningbo Cixi City Chen uncle told reporters. The good old people say the name is Xu Yunzhen, 55 years old this year, is a village in the village, usually with flowers and trees for a living. When the reporter contacted her, she said nothing to be interviewed, these are small things, nothing to be reported." Sister Xu on the phone again. The side of the road a humble barber shop, is in the village for the elderly often come to a place. Speaking of Xu Yunzhen, member of the barber shop barber law Cen said, one day in May 2009, Xu Yunzhen wanted to find him, said over the age of 60 elderly people in the village of love, let everyone here a free haircut. She also said that do not tell the details of others, if they ask who the money out of the barber, and they said that you shave first, then someone will pay the bill." CEN master told reporters later, there are many old man asking who bought single, he would abide by the sister Xu commitment has not said to them. There were a lot of people guessing. Until one day, he was asked to bear, and told everyone. CEN master told reporters that Xu Yunzhen had agreed with him, every time to the village for the elderly barber, he wrote a name in the book, with 500 of the list to Xu Yunzhen, Xu Yunzhen will be paid 5000 yuan haircut for him, every time to give her list, she is generous their money. Since 2009, Xu Yunzhen has to pay about one hundred thousand yuan for the elderly barber, the village all over 60 years old has enjoyed her "free haircut". Xu Yunzhen told reporters that his previous conditions are not very good, to cut hair feel expensive. See a lot of such an old man, life is very frugal, reluctant to spend money to cut hair, looks very refreshing. At that time, I felt that if I had money, let the village elderly free haircut." In the past few years, the better the living conditions of the family, she began to do this thing. During the interview, Xu sister said, now this free haircut, she wants to spend about 20 thousand yuan a year. Looking at the old man on the free list, she felt very happy to do something for the old people in the village. I do this thing, the family is very supportive, but I do not want publicity, so as not to be misunderstood. I have the ability to help others, there really is nothing, no need for others to praise and appreciate what." She said, in the conditions allow, she will always continue this love.相关的主题文章: