Classification fund investment threshold can be configured to promote long-term bullish subject matt

Classification fund investment threshold can be configured to promote long-term optimistic about the subject matter of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This version of the Information Times reporter Li Jingjing recently, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a new draft fund classification, grading fund investment threshold will be increased to 300 thousand yuan, and to strengthen the investor risk warning and education system. A lot of grading fund but can not reach the 300 thousand threshold, some investors very upset. The reporter interviewed a number of industry insiders, said that the investment fund B hierarchical structure dominated by individual investors, after the implementation of new regulations, there will be a large number of individual investors leave, will lead to a grade B share size and liquidity fell sharply. That ordinary investors leave as early as possible, so as to avoid the risk of the transaction and bear markets. But insiders said, grading fund will become scarce resources, has leveraged investment needs of individual investors can grasp the opportunity policy gap period at present, appropriate to buy part of the subject long-term subject to long-term configuration. Individual investors are the departure draft under the new regulations, whether investors buy is A grade fund or B grade fund, must comply with the last 20 trading days average daily securities assets of not less than 300 thousand yuan requirements. For the stock has been held by the fund does not meet the above conditions of investment in the stock of customers, is currently out of nothing, that can only be sold and redeemed. According to the classification of funds semi annual report this year, the proportion of individual investors accounted for the proportion of class B fund fund 90.86%, which indicates that the level of the fund’s investment structure B individual investors based. Zhu Tao, a senior analyst at Bohai securities, said a large number of individual investors will continue to leave, will lead to a substantial decline in the size and liquidity of the scale of B share. Currently, most of the grade B has been in a state of discount, the future of each grade B discount rate will further increase, resulting in the overall discount fund classification. "In arbitrage funds under the action of a large number of grade A, B shares are merged into the parent fund redemption, the overall size of the fund market will appear if things go on like this grade of high probability, to further shrink" Tao added. Ji An Jinxin Fund Evaluation Center Wang Qunhang (blog, micro-blog) also pointed out that in the liquidity crunch represent the general trend under the background of individual investors proposed grading fund or as early as possible leave for good, to avoid unnecessarily trading and market risk. Grade A can buy it according to the insiders, in the new background, grading products will enter the "stock" era, because of scarce resources, most fund companies should choose to keep this type of product, transformation into LOF or ETF, the possibility of liquidation is not great. The classification of tighter regulation, B share must bear the brunt of the impact, in the short term, some two market buying fund, investors can only buy the A grade B share and then merged into the parent fund exit way, see will push up the price of A in theory, so in the short term will not have a significant grade A risk, even good." Southern China theory相关的主题文章: