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Travel-and-Leisure Unlike camping tents that claim to be quick setup, but still have you scratching your head and attempting to work out their pole system 20 minutes later, the Coleman Instant Tent will honestly setup and/or break down in under a minute. The instant tent has the poles already attached to the tent enabling a remarkably effortless and quick setup. All you need to do is unfold it, set it out, raise and click the poles to lock them into position. Its that simple, and with the easy to use instructions, you’ll have a fully functional 10 x 14 two room camping tent in under a minute. Not only is the Coleman Instant Tent versatile, it really is as durable and weatherproof as it is simple to use and setup. The exterior material is two times as thick as the standard material that Coleman uses on other tents. This same polyester material is guarded with a weatherproof coating called Weather Tec which is exclusive to Coleman. All of Colemans Weather Tec tents are thoroughly tested inside a rain room which simulates hurricane force winds and downpours. Needless to say, the tent includes a limited warranty for one year. The tent also provides a welded floor that is waterproof and the floor seams are inverted. This feature keeps all needle holes within the tent which increases water resistance and also keeps you dry. The seams of the rain fly are .pletely taped which allow you to remain dry and warm without having to use a detachable rain fly. The inside of this family camping tent is really quite roomy. Whether you are just hanging out or sleeping you can utilize the tent as one room that is big enough for eight, or make use of the divider panel to transform the interior into two areas. Creature .forts abound with the Coleman Instant Tent. The vertical walls let you stand and move about easily inside the tent, while seven reverse angle windows and two doors supply great air flow and views. The advantages of this camping tent are tremendous. The simplicity of setup makes it the right option for older campers and those of us who choose to camp alone, and the price is quite reasonable for what you get. You can find the Coleman Instant tent listed right around $200.00. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: