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Reference-and-Education India is achieving heights in almost every sector. Almost all the industries of the country have spread its wings in the global market. The students and educationists of India, has proved their capabilities and has .e up as the most demanding work force across the world. The tourism industry of the country has shown a lot much of growth in the recent years. The boom in the tourism sector has lead to the demand of professionals in many other concerned areas of the country. The colleges of India make it sure that its students are instilled with all the qualities, required to excel in the respective fields. Students in these colleges have to go through a lot of tests to reserve a seat for themselves in few of the most prestigious colleges of India. Hotel management, Hospitality are the sectors, which are very much co- related with the tourism sector of India. Ups or down in any of these sectors, directly affects the growth of the other one. Hotel management is a course, which is gaining importance in the todays world, with the government giving more preferences to the hospitality sector. This is also important to have a positive impact on the tourists or the foreign visitors in India. India is very popular as a tourist destination, so the professionals in the tourism sector of the country, needs to be well trained and equipped with all the knowledge required to have a positive impact on the tourists visiting India. The colleges for Hotel management in the country make it very sure that the students which they are training and imparting education are instilled with world class information. The number of colleges for Hotel Management in India has increased variably in the recent past with more number of students opting for hotel management as a career. Few of the top most hotel management colleges in India are: Institute of Hotel Management And Catering Technology, Pune Xavier College Of Hotel Management, Cuttack Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi Oriental Group of Hotel Management Institutions, Kerela NSHM school of Hotel Management, Durgapur Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata Lucknow College of Technology & Management Institute of Hotel Management, Lucknow Lovely Institute of Management, Punjab Asan Memorial Institute of Hotel Management And Catering Technology, Tamil Nadu The admission to the hotel management colleges in India is a process, which varies, depending on the institute and the admission criteria. The students aiming for the hotel management courses in India, make it very sure that they have proper training and knowledge about the industry. The students need to have minimum 50% marks in his senior secondary examination, to be able to take admission in the hotel management courses in India. Some of the top hotel management institutes also take entrance examinations for providing admission to the students. The level of these entrance tests vary according to the hotel management college and the course structure. It is very obvious if the entrance test will filter the best minds of the society, then it will surely end up in producing the cream of the respective industry. The students pursuing hotel management as their career have a bright future ahead, as the industry is growing rapidly. The hotel management industry is expanding at a faster rate, with the increase in the number of tourisms visiting India. The tourism sector in India is huge and so are the opportunities for the students doing courses in the respective fields. A student can find a place for himself in the accounting, finance, engineering, front office, house keeping, food, beverages, management or any of the related sectors of hotel management after doing a course in hotel management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: