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Consumer financial products observation: the overall homogenization of the phenomenon is quite obvious Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Xie Shuiwang reported Shanghai consumer finance market have been the subject of numerous. After the introduction of net loan regulatory approach, P2P platforms have transformed consumer finance, but also increased the consumer financial market, fiery". At present, the consumer financial market participants including financial institutions within the system of commercial banks, Consumer Finance Companies, auto finance companies, including Internet financial institutions within the system of electricity consumption, P2P financial platform, the Internet platform stage. So, what are the consumer financial products on the market? How do agencies and customers evaluate these products? What is the future trend of the product? The homogenization phenomenon is obvious in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that the commercial bank financial products to consumer credit card, unsecured unsecured loans, the Consumer Finance Companies to cash loans (including unsecured unsecured loans, mortgage loans and consumer installment), the consumer financial institutions are actively exploring the Internet consumer financial products. Overall, the homogenization phenomenon is quite obvious. A bank consumer finance business told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, cash loans and consumer installment is the two most common consumer financial products, cash loan amount of up to 200 thousand yuan, the consumption stage refers to the customers in the consumer financial institutions store merchants buy goods or services, apply for personal loans, apply for consumer installment and by the financial consumer agency for customer payments to merchants, customers directly enjoy the goods or services of products; there are also some innovative products, such as consumer trust, consumer credit insurance, but the proportion is very small. So, how to evaluate a consumer financial products? Which consumer financial products more popular? In this regard, the Nanjing consumer banking center general manager Zhang Weinian told reporters: "the twenty-first Century economic report mechanism of consumer financial products have the opportunity and potential, need time to test, from the institutional perspective, we will see the comprehensive customer experience, technical risk and profit model." A number of the financial consumer agency official said, according to the price, amount, timeliness, convenience, target customers, promotion and other factors analysis and evaluation of a consumer financial products, in general, price and convenience is the most important factor. The consumer banking business said, according to the general mechanism of capital cost, operating cost, risk cost indicators such as pricing, capital cost is relatively low, so the product rate is relatively low, the product quality customers, the bank interest rate is the lowest for 5.88%, consumption of newly established financial institutions may through the price war grab the market. However, in her view, for high-quality customers, the market price difference is not large, in fact, the customer is not very sensitive, therefore, the customer experience is increasingly becoming an important factor. Online products into a trend to enhance the convenience of consumer financial products相关的主题文章: