Don’t play trick best team open Halloween Version chompoo araya

Do not play on the "best lineup" to open the Halloween Version with each new version of the opening, with the unanimous praise of football fans, the best lineup can always bring enough surprises to the players. And with the advent of Halloween, the game is also a festive atmosphere, bringing new content and surprises for fans and friends. Not only Halloween costumes and boxes, but also added a random event, guild technology and coaching skills, called the game’s most luxurious version of the update.   Halloween new theme events and boxes since the "best lineup" is a Halloween version of the calendar, the natural theme of halloween. In addition to the game scene with Halloween atmosphere, game player during the event, the daily physical reward coffee doubled, before the game is still part of the ladder match with random events. In the ladder before the game, there will be a variety of random events, these events will give players bad state bonus. And all you have to do is to ensure that the team wins, to get a Halloween box and a cup of coffee, which is the winner of the rich holiday rewards.   guild technology unlock Team Challenge login in the upcoming new version, whether it is the association of science and technology or team challenges, for the best lineup guild is the winner of this version. The year before last year, Germany and Adidas adizero latest research and development of F50 in the stadium to create results so that people still remember. Now, in the game, the players will also enjoy the magic of science and technology in the field of football in Germany, through the association of science and technology, improve the whole guild members of a property. The emergence of team challenges, but also for the guild members to provide a unique guild special incentives, guild members can contribute to the ranks of the value of the application.   coach unlock new skills necessary to suppress opponents coach, "the game" the best team added two new coach and coach also opened the 40 level after the 4 skills, restrain the opponent skills, such as a number, a team void reduction, these equipment and strong effect, will undoubtedly make the team more with the attack and control force.   "the best team" in the Halloween and Alipay cooperation, to send welfare from closer to the user’s perspective to the game player. Let the player more enjoyable game. Just go to Alipay click on the game center page, you can receive exclusive game packs to receive benefits package. In other areas, the game has also done a lot of optimization. For example, to optimize the content of the mail to the enemy, the coach to optimize the way of learning. The innovation and improvement of both versions, for "best team", but is not the first time, with the continuous reform of the game and make snap, this version of the launch, the industry has seen the game player to the game itself contains the potential provides a reference case for fine game industry. Its essence is to keep the output of new content and gameplay. Don’t play trick "best team" Halloween Version in advance.相关的主题文章: