Double on Zu Feng Wang Ziwen’s Ode to joy after love to kill — Guangxi channel

"Double" on   Zu Feng Wang Ziwen’s "Ode to joy" after "love to kill" — Guangxi channel — original title: "double" Zu Feng Wang Ziwen launched the "Ode to joy" after love to kill " " September 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) directed by Mou Xiaojie, Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen Cao Zheng, Ni Hongjie and other young actors starring the Spy Drama "double" will be held tonight (Thursday) 20:30 landing Jiangsu TV happy theater. In addition to the continuation of the play spy drama has always been the "burning brain" style, will be integrated into the life and emotion of various elements, establish a new benchmark for the new emotional spy war drama. Once in the hit series "Ode to joy" the appearance of Zu Feng and Xiao Xiao Qu singularity Wang Ziwen this should form a couple and open love to kill mode. Zu Feng started his own "latent" he is "hidden" in Li Ya, a hard-edged juntong spy; he is "no war" in Beijing Cui Zhongshi, a refined and cultured, the Chinese appearance fear to death as he is; "graduation song" in Ji Jiaming, a spy use unscrupulous divisive tactics. He is Zu Feng, he created numerous classic Spy Drama image. Tonight, Zu Feng finally to complete a "hidden", his works with a new "double" strong return. The play, Zu Feng played in the interior of the KMT lurking in the years of Peng Gang. The autumn of 1949, our party senior agent Jiang Yilin was arrested, then Chengdu party organization leader Hu Pu decided to enable Peng Gang. Peng Gang at this time, not only is the chairman of the Sichuan provincial government and the grand Chamberlain, commander of the daughter of Wu Peixin (Prince gloze) married, identity all the time being exposed to risks. Not only that, the play, Peng Gang will be in the "four love", which he can complete the task looks more whirling. On the one hand, Peng Gang will face his wife Wu Peixin lover Deng Hanshan (Cao Zhengshi), who firmly believe that he is the Communist Party, deliberately plan want to expose the true identity of Peng gang; on the other hand, Peng Gang will also encounter his lover Hong Ling (Xiao Hanshi), they work on understanding and make Wu Peixin jealous. The identity of the opposition, let four people’s feelings of belonging more confusion, agent Peng Gang task can be said to be difficult. "Not only to struggle with the enemy, but also with love playing psychological warfare, agents do like this, I think it is not who!" Zu Feng said jokingly. The prince who infatuated love culture dare go crazy if Zu Feng said, "hundreds of times" words for the Spy Drama, that Wang Ziwen is a "new hundred-percent". The play, Wang Ziwen played the commander of Princess Wu Peixin, was born with a golden spoon, but no rich girl Princess disease. Instead, it is the battlefield of the Nei, post command action team captain her, Weirenchushi quite domineering, is absolutely a woman’s career. However, despite the strong nature, but in the face of emotional shock, the play Wu Peixin or temporarily lost direction, and even crazy. In the face of rival Hong Ling, Wu Peixin lost his mind, to listen to Deng Hanshan’s stirred up, in order to protect the Peng Gang to the people around him pain under the ruthless hand. )相关的主题文章: