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Science If youre new to an earthquake zone like Los Angeles for example, you may not be aware of the need for earthquake safety fasteners Los Angeles to protect your flat screen TVs because you might not even be thinking about earthquakes. Well, southern California is earthquake country so you should be and earthquake safety Los Angeles is the best way to ensure that flat screen TVs wont topple over and smash in the next earthquake. Just about everyone these days is going through the process of changing out their old TVs for new flat screens and as youll know if youve made the switch in your home, flat screen TVs are pretty wobbly when put on a TV stand or in a media center. They have a high center of gravity and can easily tip over so they need to be secured with earthquake safety fasteners to stop them from falling forward on to the floor. Flat screen TVs have no chance of staying upright during an earthquake if theyre not secured. They will automatically topple over as the house sways back and forth and thats what earthquake safety fasteners are designed to prevent. By securing your flat screen TV, you will avoid the possibility of it falling over on top of a loved one, particularly a young child or an elderly friend or relative. The solution is Flat Screen Safety Straps – the most effective earthquake safety fasteners on the market today. Flat Screen Safety Straps These fasteners have been developed to meet growing consumer demand due to the ever changing designs of modern electronics. Flat Screen Safety Straps are made from woven nylon to make them flexible so that they stop TVs from toppling over in an earthquake. They are the re.mended earthquake safety fasteners. There are different kinds of Flat Screen Safety Straps to suit the various makes and models of TVs that you can buy. The 40 Flat Screen Strap (pictured) is for use on TVs that .e with existing rear bolt holes. It features two coated nylon straps with locking buckles. Each strap must be screwed into the mounting plate on the back of the TV. The straps lock into buckles that you press on to the tabletop. The straps are hidden from view behind the TV, no holes have to be drilled and theres no damage to furniture or the appliance. It secures large flat screen TVs up to 40 and 100 lbs. Then theres the 70 Flat Screen Strap thats also fastened into a TVs existing rear bolt holes. Its applied just as the 40 strap is and secures large flat screen TVs up to 70 and 150 lbs. Plus, theres the Universal Flat Screen Strap. It features a contour grip mount design with quick-disconnect buckles for moving and cleaning. Its superior strength, adjustable nylon straps mean no holes have to be drilled and theres no damage to furniture or equipment. It secures large flat screen TVs up to 60 and 100 lbs. Its state-of-the-art design fits all makes and models and the easy peel and press application makes installation a breeze. The great thing about all of these fasteners is that once youve attached them, youll have peace of mind because youll know that your TV is secured and wont fall off the stand or out of the media center. Because earthquakes can strike anywhere at any time, earthquake safety fasteners are your best bet for protecting your electronics. A golden rule of thumb is if it’s heavy enough to hurt you if it falls on you, it should be secured in place. Earthquake safety Los Angeles means fasteners for securing flat screen TVs, electronics and furniture to make sure that they dont topple over and smash. Get yours today before it’s too late. About the Author: By: Sandy9 – Wel.e to the admissions section of Trio World Academy. This is the first step to gifting your child a truly international educational experience. 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