Eleven long holiday rush to meet the peak of Hebei Beijing high-speed traffic pressure began to incr nibbuns

Eleven holiday to meet peak travel around Hebei Beijing high-speed traffic pressure begins to increase – the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shijiazhuang on September 30th news (Hebei station reporter Cao Li) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported, today is the last working day before the National Day holiday, the travel peak from the road this afternoon has been opened the Hebei ring Beijing high-speed traffic pressure begins to increase. In the command Hall of Hebei Highway Traffic Police Corps, the big screen shows the surveillance video of the various highways in Hebei. Hebei Provincial Highway Traffic Police Corps released the province’s highway traffic forecast during the National Day this year. Expected during the National Day this year, the ring Beijing high-speed growth of more than 20%. One of the most concentrated in the four road, Beijing, Shanghai, Beijing and wide. And through the big screen can be seen, these four high-speed real-time monitoring. Hong Kong Macao Hebei main station of Beijing direction traffic increased from 10 in the morning began around 17, the latest data point, section 5 minutes to reach 370 units, up to 2 times the usual. Beijing Shanghai high speed from 3 p.m. traffic began to increase, and the wide and Kazakhstan from 2 in the afternoon traffic started to increase. Now the traffic than usual increase more than half, but the current situation is relatively normal, no road congestion, only Beijing section of Zhuozhou traffic pressure slightly larger, the other to normal traffic. Hebei high-speed traffic police have released that before the holidays, announced the accident prone sections, like the wide high-speed in Beijing South Road, Beijing high-speed Beijing Shijiazhuang section of Beijing Shanghai high-speed Cangzhou to Tianjin section, all belong to the accident prone sections, and remind the driver to pay attention. This year, Hebei high-speed traffic police also took a number of measures to protect the passage of the holidays. One of the new initiatives this year is the live broadcast of micro-blog, in Hebei province high-speed traffic police corps on the official micro-blog video by high-speed traffic police to carry out the live broadcast of the road, you can always come to focus.相关的主题文章: