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Everson Brown and Kidd Scott love hate intertwined in the political arena – Sohu   sports history; there are many famous defender and coach do not deal with, resulting in mentoring enemies, part company each going his own way. Super guard Jason – Kidd once did, 2000-01 season, rookie coach Scott in the nets opened a coaching career, has twice led the nets to the finals, is meritorious, but team boss Kidd does not buy it, Kidd has repeatedly to the management of the "complaint" Scott, has said that even Scott’s coaching as well as their own the son, and to the middle of the season 2003-04, record bad nets fired Scott. This knot is quite deep liangzi. But 11 years later, when their coach Kidd, two people meet again once the game, scores are known in the arena, Scott said now and Kidd cordial relations, and praised Kidd’s great job coach. This mentoring end again. The legendary defender Allen Iverson is probably the most characteristic in NBA history, one of the most personal independence of conduct of star, the coach for such a bottom for children born, wild and intractable, is very important, between Allen Iverson and coach Larry – Brown’s feelings, it is a person. In the Brown eye for excellence, trying to make Iverson’s greatest players, to create a completely around Iverson and the existence of a team of 76 people, the brilliance of Iverson personal honor, 76 finals feat, Larry Brown contributed, at that time, they have a son like affection and trust. When Iverson first came up with MVP, he was crying for coach, coach Larry – – – -. However, another kind father is stubborn temper, and small son also has a domineering and rebellious, the character of Iverson and Brown’s coaching philosophy finally irreconcilable, two people break, because of Iverson’s disobedience, Brown angry immediately call second days trading team president Iverson, and Iverson immediately call for Brown to go. This is the core conflict, the young man became well-known Iverson’s lack of respect for Brown, but Brown is not that good at coaxing star coach. So even if his son’s love, is not the reality there. With hindsight, the retirement of Iverson also expressed regret: "my only regret is not all good understanding of coach Brown taught me. It would have been better if I had taken his advice earlier. Of course, I finally accepted coach Brown, after all, better late than never. I also have to keep in touch with coach Brown, sometimes we will contact every one or two days, sometimes we contact each other for two or three months. But we all know that we can contact each other as long as we need each other." Larry – Brown also worried about him, in the ceremony held at the time of the retirement of Iverson, Larry – Brown exclaimed: "God let me teach him there…… No one deserves it more than he deserves……" Today, Brown still as a son of general Iverson.相关的主题文章: