Experts focus on Consumer Finance institutions face new competition and the pressure of transformati kairui

Experts: focus on consumer financial institutions are facing new competition and transition pressure – Beijing, Beijing, September 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) in recent years, with favorable policies have been introduced, the favor of capital, "consumer finance" has gradually become a hot word in the field of financial China. Here at the 2016 national tour of consumer finance summit and Innovation Contest Finals, experts generally believe that the financial consumption over a period of time to develop rapidly, but institutions are facing new competition and transition pressure. In the view of China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance deputy director Yang Tao, behind the consumption and rely on the support of financial innovation, on the one hand to help in the transformation of economic growth mode, a huge potential demand; on the other hand, the overall risk is still relatively controllable, there are relatively large consumer financial innovation space. From the official data show that in 2015, China consumer loans amounted to 18 trillion and 960 billion yuan (RMB, same below); according to the forecast, Boston consulting to 2017, the balance of the Chinese loans will increase to 30-40 trillion yuan. At the same time, the national policy is also actively promoting the development of consumer finance, encourage residents to consume. In March this year, the people’s Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued "on the increase of guidance" new consumption areas of financial support, to promote the development of consumer finance; this year’s "NPC and CPPCC" period, the government work report is referred to in the national Consumer Finance Companies pilot, encourage financial institutions to innovative consumer credit products etc.. Yang Tao further pointed out that the huge potential demand for consumer finance, but the supply is still in the blue ocean stage. On the supply side, the supply of consumer finance tends to be diversified, but still needs to be differentiated. As one of the most important innovation fields in modern financial industry, consumer financial products is one of the areas of financial market vitality and institutional profitability. In this regard, the United States and China, the founder of the Yellow Emperor also agreed. Huang Haijia believes that there are four major industry pain points in the consumer finance industry: capital, efficiency, big data and IT, such as efficiency, the bank has automated decision making technology is very advanced, consumer financial institutions and some amounted to billions of dollars, the credit methods still remain in the manual and offline mode, the efficiency is very low." Huang Haijia further pointed out that, therefore, China and consumer finance ecological alliance partner, wish to build trillion consumer scenarios and this platform capital connection platform, have the ability to control the wind of cloud services, including the whole process of credit approval of this set of cloud services, such as a banking system, using the automated decision ability, provide to the customer. Through the big data and machine learning decision on this, to help the consumer financial scene end to find risk insights. In terms of risk control, Luo Wenqiang think the person in charge of solutions from the EBF of wisdom, big data will be a key to future credit risk control. Now the trend of consumer finance industry is the key to the scene and segmentation, the market is very limited, and some young people do education, and some do rent, but also do travel, so that the scene determines the space, the scene相关的主题文章: