Fast road east limit line measures will be completed by the end of September borderland

Fast road east limit line measures will be completed by the end of September (reporter Wang Liming Wang Yi) for a period of two months of Xianglujiao bridge, part of the Northeast Expressway Ramp single peak limit line measures this month at the end of the end, the reporter recently learned from the traffic police department, fast road east limit line measures one month since the implementation of the punishment. Breach notification act 834, effectively protect the effect of the implementation of the limit line. Overall, the eastern route of the main line during the early peak traffic decreased by about 21%, during the peak period of traffic decreased by about 28%, to achieve the desired results. From the point of view of the prevailing situation, the limit line after the morning and evening peak during the main line of the East fast road average speed increased by 57% and 53%. After entering in September, many people reflect the fast road east, August is almost close to the limit before the congestion state, what is the reason? The traffic police department said: at the beginning of the September school have opened free school vehicles concentrated in the peak travel to the East, fast road traffic pressure is increasing and the initial limit line; fast road east limit line traffic efficiency, many in the North Road, East Road and non city limit line of vehicles to choose fast road east pass, too increase the east road traffic pressure, but China North Road, East Road to alleviate traffic pressure, from the overall perspective, several import city traffic state is better than the limit before. On the other hand, the continuous increase in the number of motor vehicles, but also increase the traffic pressure of the East road. Data show that in August a month in the city’s new motor vehicles 7658, after the show will continue to drive the new car, the number of motor vehicles increased by about 250 to about 300 a day, so that the East Road Traffic faster and faster.相关的主题文章: