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Jewelry-Diamonds You may have gold jewelry, gold coins or simply some gold scrap such as old fillings youve been keeping for years, but now is the time to sell gold, not keep it. There are hundreds of reasons why you should sell your gold today, but the top five reasons will probably be more than enough to convince you to part with your old gold stockpile. 1. Sell gold for emergency funding. The economy has been on a roller coaster the past few years and many of us have run into problems with lenders or unexpected expenses we just cant cover. Rather than dip into your savings in an uncertain economy, selling your gold jewelry or coins can get you that financial help you need without depleting your savings. This way, youll have a nice cushion even after youve paid off those looming bills or medical expenses. Selling your gold to pay for expenses can also save you from having to take out a loan or borrow from friends or family. One means having to pay interest and the other can be uncomfortable. If you sell gold youll save yourself money on potentially damaging interest payments, and you wont have to rely on others for help. 2. Gold is selling at near record highs. If you sell gold today, youre going to make a tidy profit. Gold is selling for prices that are higher than theyve been in decades, so now is the time to cash in before prices fall. That old chain that was worth $200 a few years back could be worth almost $500 today; an increase that means now is the time to sell, sell, sell! 3. You can invest your profits from selling your gold. Have you been wanting to try the stock market or invest in real estate but didnt have the cash to get started? With real estate going for the lowest prices in years and many stocks available for bargain basement prices, now is the time to buy long-term investments. In fact, gold is one of the few assets that is actually selling for a high price, so you can sell high and buy low always a good investment strategy for building up long-term wealth. 4. Sell gold to launch a new beginning. A lot of jewelry has emotional ties or memories associated with it. If you have a box full of jewelry pieces that were gifts from an ex, you probably hate wearing even the loveliest pieces because you associate them with a past youd like to forget. But you hate to just toss them because theyre valuable. Sell the gold, and use the money for a new beginning. You can buy something symbolic, like some new jewelry for yourself that signifies your independence, or you can fund an actual new phase in your life. You could take some college courses, make a deposit on a new apartment or treat yourself to a wonderful vacation when you sell gold that you dont want anymore. 5. Sell gold thats just not attractive. It sounds harsh, but sometimes we get gifts that are expensive, but dont suit our personal taste. We may hate to sell that expensive but ugly brooch our grandmother gave us, but whats the point in hanging on to something well never wear? Sell gold jewelry that you dont like and buy yourself that special piece that you really love! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: