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UnCategorized Fixing your golf slice can be a big pain in the "you know what!" If you’re a slicer of the ball, you know firsthand how frustrating it is to cure this wicked swing fault. I’ll bet you’ve tried everything right? Lessons. Videos. Books. The Golf Channel. And even tips from your golf ing buddies. But has it worked? Have you eliminated this evil ball flight from your game? If not, there is hope! You don’t have to redo your swing! You don’t have to sign up for a dozen lessons! And you don’t have to buy anymore golf instruction dvds! You solution can be as easy as readjusting your grip, stance or take-away…that’s it! Sounds easy right? It is, but most golfers want to make it harder than it really is. I don’t mean to say that to be facetious. I am only speaking from what I hear from other golfers. If we made our golf swings simple, all the teaching pros would be out of business. We don’t want that do we? Now..I’m being a little bit of a smart alec. But seriously…you can fix your slice and be hitting a nice draw in no time. Diagnose your cause and zero in on it like a mad man. Drill it to death! Practice it until you never have to think about it ever again! Consider this like an important project at your work or business. Put as much priority on it as you can. Schedule it in and do it consistently. This approach is a mini-version of what the pros do. They constantly work on their swing faults via drills, repetition and consistency every week…no matter if they have a tournament or not. Even though you’re not a pro, why wouldn’t you take this approach? If you want to play better you will. If you want to keep playing the same game, then just do nothing and you’ll get it. Like any bad habit, it needs attention. The golf slice is a disease in golf. They say up to 80% of all amateurs slice the golf ball at one point in time during their golfing career. If this statistic is true, you may be in this demographic. If you are lucky enough not to be, then congratulations! You don’t have to worry about this awful affliction. Maybe your concern is all those 3 putts you take during your round. I have found out in golf, it’s always something. If it’s not a slice, then maybe it’s a hook. Or maybe you’re topping the ball with all your irons. Or, you are having a hard time getting out of the bunker. Golf doesn’t care how good an athlete you are (were) in other sports. It can bring the greatest athletes to their knees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: