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Foreign media: local Chinese home New Year Spring Festival Beijing moment in silence – Sohu news February 1, 2016, the 23th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is Chinese traditional "small", the train station ushered in the peak passenger flow during the spring festival. Zhang Yun Photo Reference News Network February 5 news media said, China Spring Festival is approaching, any foreign tourists will be amazed at the Millennium ancient festival celebrated spectacular. For a country of 1 billion 300 million people, celebrating the Spring Festival almost paralyzed the whole nation". According to the Latin American news agency reported in February 3rd, the highest position in the Chinese festival in the traditional culture but also brought the earth’s largest population migration — the spring festival. Millions of people are on the journey to reunite with their families during the spring festival. The Spring Festival in 2016 is reported in February 8th. In the big city wandering stranger have boarded a train or plane, so a big city like Beijing, people look a lot less, originally noisy bustling city as the moment in silence. It is reported that in February 8, 2016, China’s monkey year officially started, and will end in January 27, 2017. During the holidays, the Chinese people and the neighbors who are deeply influenced by Chinese culture will enjoy the traditional festival together. They will go back to their hometown to gather with their friends and relatives, share good food or travel together. Reports say the shadow of traditional customs is everywhere. The Lantern Festival will be held at the end of the Spring Festival holiday, a perfect holiday like the Christmas holiday in the west.

外媒:外乡游子春节回家过年 北京瞬间陷入沉寂-搜狐新闻 2016年2月1日,农历腊月二十三是中国传统“小年”,火车站迎来春运客流高峰。张云 摄  参考消息网2月5日报道 外媒称,中国春节将近,任何一个外来游客都会惊叹于这个千年古国举国庆祝节日的盛景。对这个有着13亿人口的大国来说,庆祝春节几乎让整个国家“瘫痪”。  据拉美社2月3日报道称,这个在中国传统文化中地位最高的节日同时也带来了地球上最大规模的人口迁徙――春运。数百万人踏上行程,就为在春节期间能够返回家乡与亲人团聚。  报道称,2016年的春节是2月8日。在大城市漂泊的外乡人纷纷乘上火车或者飞机,于是像北京这样的大城市,人一下少了很多,原本喧嚣熙攘的城市仿佛一瞬间陷入了沉寂。  报道说,2016年2月8日,中国的猴年就正式开始了,并将于2017年1月27日结束。在假期内,中国人和受中国文化影响较深的邻国人民将共同欢度传统佳节。他们将回到家乡与亲朋好友团聚,共享美食或结伴出游。  报道称,传统习俗的影子无处不在。在春节假期的末尾将迎来元宵节,这个与西方圣诞节假期类似的长假将就此画上完美句号。相关的主题文章: