Former Baidu Union General Manager Ma Guolin was sentenced to five years in prison for accepting bri

Ma Guolin, former general manager of Baidu alliance was sentenced to five years in prison for the crime of bribery, JINGWAH times (reporter Wang Xiaofei) due to the use of identity convenience, to join the Baidu alliance, the company received a fee. Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Ma Guolin, former general manager of the Department of Development Alliance for non national staff bribery was sentenced to 7 years in prison, after the verdict, refused to accept the appeal of the court of appeal, the court of appeal, the court of Appeals for the first time in the case of the first instance, the court of appeal, the court of appeal for the first time after the verdict, the defendant appealed to the State Council for the first time. Recently, the reporter was informed that the city intermediate people’s court after the trial, the case was commuted Ma Lin. The correct amount of money from Ma Guolin, and commuted to 5 years imprisonment. In addition, because Ma Guolin has paid back for the purchase of bribes, city court ruling, the seized property shall be returned. > > the company had received commissions for approval of the 38 year old Ma Guolin was the general manager of Baidu development, on suspicion of the crime of bribery of non national staff, was detained in November 7, 2014, in November 28th the same year was arrested. According to the court of first instance of the case found that from January 2012 to June 2013, Beijing Spring Court Culture Media Co., Ltd. to join the Baidu alliance in cooperation with Baidu. As Baidu union development department general manager Ma Guolin, charged off a, Zhang (are handled separately) to transfer money to a total of 395 yuan. In November 7, 2014, Ma Guolin was arrested by public security organs. Court of first instance found that Baidu search engine provides services for the spring tingyue company, Baidu is also in the spring tingyue company provides universal interactive client software, embedded in Baidu search function, the client users can use the embedded Baidu search function, search traffic will be converted to Baidu promotion income, the promotion of Baidu Baidu Inc in accordance with the proportion of real income, assigned to the Chunting company. Baidu to promote revenue, that is, Baidu advertisers will be advertising, search through Baidu or on the website to promote cooperation, etc.. When the user clicks on the ads, advertisers will pay a fee to Baidu, which is the essence of advertising fees. The court held that, if Ma Guolin is not as the corresponding positions in the Baidu Inc, will not get the corresponding money, with consideration of the relationship between the property and the post, Ma Guolin called part-time but an excuse. Ma Guolin as Baidu executives, in their own part-time, contrary to the principles of fairness, but not with the Spring Court this year, Baidu has a business relationship with the formation of business guidance. The kind of business guidance, is still based on the position. In addition, in the case of all the money, are divided into haruniwa company from Baidu access, so the nature of the money, should be recognized as a bribe. Ultimately, the Haidian court to non national staff of bribery and sentenced Ma Guolin to 7 years, and turned over to the State Treasury to recover more than 395 yuan in bribes. At the same time, according to the law of Ma Guolin is located in Chaoyang North Road, a hospital 107. > > the appeal verdict crime amount is wrong after the verdict, Ma Guolin refused to accept the appeal to a court. Ma Guolin said, Chunting company giving the money to the company’s help based on, he did not use the.相关的主题文章: