France B Lance has never won a game since the start-winsockfix

B: Lance has never been in intelligence since the start of the away win over Saturday 013           B   Strasbourg VS; Lance       2016-11-05 22:00       Venue: Strasbourg, Germany: Latin America no stadium weather rain, 9 degrees Celsius in Strasbourg: fort on a 2 to 1 victory over Sochaux, get three points. Bbu Taib and Blayac scored a goal for the team. At the end of the transfer of the tactics is the best method in the B team, the team’s 16 goals, there are 7 through the bottom of the formation. Bbu Taib became the fort doing my number one, he has scored 7 goals with 2 assists. The last two rounds, he played a stable, excellent performance. The last two rounds of continuous victory, the score points to 20 points, ranking up by up to three, came to the seventh. Lance: Lance’s last game against Le Havre. After just four minutes, check the WARIA just as the team scored the winning goal. Lance scored 11 goals at home in the game, there are 4 in the game after the opening of the score in the next fifteen minutes. The midfielder Tiago Ligenaduo in competition in the 10 bottom line, 4 successful execution which is the last round down most of the players, and he is a personal player B League at the end of the number of pass in the middle. Currently Lance points 23 points in the standings in the position of the top, with the leader of Brest, only a gap of 2 points (). Analysis of the game: in the last six games, Strasbourg made a total of 2 wins and 2 draws and 2 losses, including home games of 1 wins, 1 draws and 1 defeats, scoring the ball at home, lost 5 goals. Lance made the six round of the last round of a total of 3 wins and 1 draws and 2 losses, including away from home, a total of 1 flat and negative, scored 2 goals away, lost $4. Lance although strong, but the road performance is not ideal, since the beginning of the road has never won. Petersburg State to pick up the last two, this should not lose home court insurable, Shengping Fu Ping recommended + wins, scoring 2,3. Lineup prediction: Strasbourg (4-3-1-2): Canada, en Du Ou Qi Er, Salmi Jerzy, Mars Te, Salvi J, hole, on Nogueira, and Bbu Taib Grimm, thaco (4-4-1-1): Bahoken, Lance, Traore, calasso Janvier, Weber, Conte, Tiago, Da Cruz, Rodrigues, Bell Te Jerzy, Kaye, WARIA. (warfarin)相关的主题文章: