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Fujimori Mi November 9th A shares listed Chinese Home Furnishing circulation A shares the first shares opened trading??? Fujimori Mi November 9th A shares rose 44%, Chinese?? Home Furnishing circulation A shares the first shares opened trading?? 9:25 on November 9th, the Shenzhen stock exchange, with the opening of treasure bell, stock code 002818 Fujimori Mi officially landing A shares. Became the first Chinese Home Furnishing stores A shares, began writing a new chapter in China Home Furnishing circulation process of capital. ?? The official landing A shares, Fujimori Mi opened trading?? the listing ceremony, Fujimori Mi Home Furnishing Chairman Liu Bing reviewed the development of entrepreneurship Home Furnishing Fujimori Mi the past 16 years, in his speech, he said fooin Meineng step by step to the market, by more than and 10 years as one day to focus and hard work, can without the support of government and related industries. After the listing of the company, will be adhering to the "first-class record industry, do a hundred years old" vision, fully rely on the capital market governance mechanism and the function of resource allocation, to promote enterprise better and stronger, bigger, to create greater value for our investors, partners, and strive to show you a healthy market the company’s outstanding performance, with more excellent return to shareholders, return customers and return to society. Chengdu chairman Sammy Liu Bing said the Shenzhen stock exchange Home Furnishing Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Ms. Wang Hong said the Chengdu municipal government party members of Mr. Liu Liedong speech?? Chengdu Municipal People’s government, Party members Liu Liedong, chairman of China Securities Limited by Share Ltd ran Yun, deputy general manager of Shenzhen stock exchange Wang Hong, from government departments, companies and securities trading platform perspective on the Sammy, down-to-earth spirit of hard work and promoting effect on the development of the industry to be highly positive, and that development will support Fujimori Mi as in the past, I hope the company can adhere to the professional road, and actively explore innovative mode for the industry and the prosperity of the entire market to provide help. ?? Then, Wang Hong, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen stock exchange will represent the performance of Red Bull sculpture presented to the chairman of Home Furnishing Sammy Liu Bing. Liu Bing will represent the life and growth in nature booming silk tapestry gift shenzhen. ?? Bell link, three Fujimori Mi Home Furnishing chairman Liu Bing and Party member of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government of Chengdu City, Liu Liedong, Chenghua District high tech Zone, Xindu district leadership to treasure bell sounded listed. ?? With the treasure opening bell sounded, Sammy (002818) officially landing A shares, which opened up 44.02% to 33.83 yuan in the trading board. Good rally represents the recognition of the market for Fujimori Mi, but also indicates that the future of the United States will move toward a better future. ?? The Fujimori Mi public offering of 44 million shares, 968 million yuan to raise funds for "Sammy Home Furnishing international Home Furnishing MALL projects and repay bank loans, the two project plans to invest 1 billion 850 million yuan. Among them, the Fujimori Mi home international home MALL plans to invest 1 billion 350 million yuan, to raise funds to invest $900 million. At the opening ceremony, the guests took to the scene, the listing will open the road of mergers and acquisitions in December 7, 2000, the United States and the United States in Chengdu home shares have.相关的主题文章: