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Fuqing 4 villagers go fishing on the sea and rescue departments are lost in November 2nd 12 pm, Fuqing four villagers themselves together in a speedboat sea fishing, but did not return on time on the same day, the second day boat accident unaccounted for, it appears in the waters near the mountain town of Fuqing City, hull broken. At present, Fuzhou, Fuqing and Pingtan authorities are fully involved in the search and rescue of missing persons! 4 villagers go fishing on the sea is still missing the reporter learned that 4 villagers are missing in Fuqing City City Town Village, usually less sea. November 2nd at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the villagers went to sea together, in accordance with the original round-trip time of about six or seven hours, you can return, but the families of four people waiting for a night, but also did not see the family back to the house, but also to see the people of the world, and so on, at the age of four. "4 villagers missing, including a more than and 40 year old, the rest are more than and 30 years old, of which there are a pair of cousins, they had set up shop in the town, I would go fishing." According to one of the families of the villagers Ms. Chen said, the two winds of relatively large, 4 people did not tell his family which in the sea before going out, when the night has not come back. Ms. Chen said, they called the police to the border police station, they found a broken boat in Sanshan sea, we went to the scene after the confirmation, found that an accident boat, hull also appeared damaged, all emotions are very sad. The accident boats found in Sanshan waters, and the emergence of the damage. The local government is actively search and rescue that 4 villagers did not return to the sea, the Fuzhou maritime bureau, the Fuqing municipal government, the relevant departments of Pingtan are also full search. According to the briefing, said the city of Fuqing, after receiving the alarm, 3 pm, accident boats in the vicinity of the town of three was found, but has not yet found the missing four. According to the families of missing persons reflect, four people may go to Changle, Pingtan, near the sea fishing. After the incident, Fuqing city also act quickly, do not give up any hope, to organize the town two village cadres and the masses, border police officers Liang CuO force, divided into three teams, deep into the sea, the sea city town three town and the coastal sea search and rescue. Accident boat appeared damaged Fuzhou maritime bureau also dispatched a professional search and rescue teams and helicopters to carry out professional rescue. At the same time, Fuqing city border defense brigade, city of Sea Fisheries Bureau has given great attention and support on the matter, which launched the city’s coastal villages and the Pingtan experimentation area, the relevant departments to assist in rescue work. In the search and rescue work at the same time, also organized the city town village two town cadres to carry out work to appease condolences and four families, as much as possible to give families help in life and spiritual care. So far, the search and rescue work is still in progress. Pingtan Maritime Safety Administration issued a warning reporter learned from the Pingtan maritime bureau, after receiving the notification, the Council immediately cooperate with the maritime search and rescue, including the dispatch of maritime patrol boats, helicopters and other search and rescue means. According to the relevant person in charge, the current search and rescue of the sea is mainly concentrated in the north of the sea altar, but because of missing specific waters unknown to the search and rescue work difficult. Pingtan maritime safety administration also issued a warning to remind the passing of ships相关的主题文章: