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The game board mouse let you paralysis Cross Fire nest in the bedroom or study in playing computer games is a very fun thing in the living room, either single or online, can let you find success in a virtual game world. Exciting, wit, ease, and even harvest the long-awaited perfect love. However, with the large screen LCD TV and home projector popularization, more and more people started not use small screen to play the game, the only fun. Today "BUY home" will bring you a game button board, put your game space from the library moved to the living room, enjoy the view of the game space. ROCCAT Sova game mouse board is usually used on the desktop computer monitor is generally 23 inches, of course, there are fever class players for their computer equipped with a larger and more professional game display. The LCD TV in the living room is also the smallest size of 42 inches, why not try to play in the living room? Playing games on the sofa is not more moisture. Then the problem, host computer or notebook computer has HDMI interface professional can be high-definition images and sound transmission to the large screen LCD TV or projector, but the game operation is not so awesome, Bluetooth handle is a good solution, but a multi class FPS game is controlled by the keyboard and mouse. Thus, the company launched the Sova Roccat game key mouse board. It will be integrated into a flat keyboard, wrist rest part is made of fiber and plastic mixed materials, provide sufficient buffer space for the wrist, and the mouse on the right side of the area is very wide, with professional gaming mouse, so you can give full play to the best level of the game. Sova keyboard mouse board wrist support, mouse pads and washers are removable and replacement. Users can also configure the Swarm software Easy-Shift, so that the keyboard can be compatible with various types of equipment. Comes with two USB interfaces, one of which needs to be connected to the mouse. In addition, Roccat also provides an optional smart phone support. Sova game mouse keyboard keys are mechanical and film two styles to choose from, the user can choose according to their own habits of their own models. Mechanical version of the keyboard price of $199.99 (about 1327 yuan), while the film version priced at $149.99 (about RMB 995). Mechanical version of the film to be more important than the film version, the use of the tea shaft keys, provides a lot of feedback, the use of relatively smooth feeling. We product parameters: Brand: Roccat Name: Sova weight: 2350 grams of color: Black Size: 64.6 cm long, 28 cm wide and 3.7 cm high support system: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 764 Bit, Windows 732 BitBUY * * * index: buy a way: Roccat website: mechanical keyboard reference price: 199.99 dollars (about 1327 yuan) film keyboard: $149.99 (about RMB 995]相关的主题文章: