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Web-Design Everyone in the online world knows that however good your website is, it is the traffic to your website which is the lifeblood of your online business. The more visitors that .e to your website, the more chance you have of converting them into buying customers. So how exactly do you develop a website or redesign your existing website to improve sales. The first method is to form a relation with your customers in your sales messages and making them feel .fortable. You can do this by addressing them indivdually by their name in your sales letter, instead of writing a generic sales pitch. Very few people are adventurous enough to buy from someone they don’t know. But almost everyone will trust someone who is re.mended by their friends. So it’s always advisable to let them know that you care for them and have their best interest at heart. In this way you can build trust and a long lasting relationship with your audience. The second method again tries to connect with your prospective customers through re.mendations of previous buyers. What I am saying is try and publish testimonials of previous satisfied customers. You can also throw in a few not-so-successful .ments, so that you appear unbiased. This can also be a great way to convince them of your honesty and sincerity. This will make them confident of buying from you since they are following a long list of previous satisfied buyers. I would suggest using any form of visual representation for describing your products and services and the various ways in which they can help your customers. You can use graphical diagrams, flowcharts, photos, and even video and sound clips. The more interactive you get the better it is. Another way of attracting your buyer’s attention is to offer a good discount or throw in a few .plimentary bonuses. This immediately puts you ahead of your .petition, since your customers feel that they are getting a very good deal with you instead of buying from your .petitors. Also, try putting a timeframe on yout discounts and bonuses, so that your buyers feel .pelled to buy before the discount expires. Lastly, please don’t to close the deal. After all the hard work which you have put in to glorify your products and services and get your customer’s attention, it would be futile if you cannot close the deal perfectly. In short make the buying process very simple and clear to understand. Give clear instructions on how to buy in a simple, safe and secured manner. All the best! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: