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Give your baby a bath, will you? I received my friend Lili Sohu before maternal call, asked me how to give the baby a bath. This is not the first time I received such a consultation, colleagues Aman Chang also encountered the same situation. Aman Chang was just discharged, bestie will outpace to help give the baby a bath, Aman Chang was also not to regard it as right "not to give the baby a bath, please, what is difficult". The results of the real implementation, only to find the baby bath to have so many steps and knowledge ah. Today, I will talk with you, how to give your baby a bath? The basic knowledge of the baby bath baby how long a bath? If the baby every time the baby diapers are thoroughly clean diaper area, the baby does not need to take a bath. Frequent bathing can lead to dry skin, especially in the bath soap will allow water to evaporate from the skin. Parents can also be determined according to the season, the degree of sweating, skin condition, bathing, etc.. Are you ready for the bathroom before taking a bath? In addition, you can also give your baby a soft music. Because the baby is listening to the music grew up in intrauterine fetal education, familiar with music, can increase the pleasure of bath atmosphere. Are you ready for these items before taking a bath? Baby portable items available, all in the reach of the place. In addition, no matter how old the child, the baby may be getting water, parents may need to wear a thick apron, so as not to get wet. Do you know how to put this water before taking a bath? If water directly from the tap, should first put cold water and hot water, put the hot water back to the water, to avoid scalding their parents or baby. The water temperature in the inner side to the wrist or elbow should feel the warm (with a thermometer, temperature and temperature more accurately) can be almost (37-40 C), depth of 3-5 cm. Before the office of my colleagues asked me this question, first put hot water or cold water, what is the difference? There! Definitely have! Just imagine, if you put the hot water, but because something careless forgot just put what water, then the more careless forgot by hand to test the water, then you can put the baby in the water…… Wait until the baby, it can only be the result of burns. You may be very despicable, who would be so careless? Yes, this is a very small probability of things, but not afraid, just in case! Do not because of such low-level errors, damage to the baby, so the mother must remember: first put cold water!" "Put cold water first!" "Put cold water first!" Three important things to say. Ready to do, then the baby should take a bath. Baby bath six steps of the newborn born within 1-2 weeks, the umbilical cord stump did not fall off, should be done only for the baby bath. With a large towel wrapped the baby, only show your part to scrub. First use the towel to help the baby to wipe the face, and then wash the baby in other parts of the body, the Xian diaper area. A region with particular attention to cleaning the armpit, ears, neck and other parts. .相关的主题文章: