Google uses waze to enter the car market is unmanned mcncc

Google uses Waze to enter the car market is unmanned the Tencent of science and technology Ji Zhenyu recently, Google (micro-blog) announced in the San Francisco Bay area to expand its Waze car project test range, sharing travel market seems to be a time and a more powerful players. Although a lot of media interpreted as Google’s move is in direct competition with carpool business Uber, but from a logical point of view, there was a significant difference between the Uber car business is derived from the taxi business, the purpose is to enrich the driver and passenger travel choice, cost savings for passengers, and increase revenue for the driver. The Google Waze launched carpool service, now, just to solve the commuting a concrete problem, have strict requirements for the driver and passenger travel starting point and end point. For both sides, the real competition in the market may be in the future unmanned areas, whether Google or Uber, in fact, will be seen as the future of the real driving force of future travel services. The birth of different products under the logic of carpool service though are generally referred to as car ", but in fact Google launched the Uber launch of carpool carpooling and from the function of logic and Realization of the product and the application scenario, there are distinct differences. First of all, Google was acquired by the test project carpooling three years ago the navigation application Waze is then extended Waze social function. Born in Israel, Waze is a unique social functions with map navigation application, the use of Waze users can be on the road, such as traffic jams, traffic accidents, which road police squatting and other real-time information sharing with other users through the application and implementation in the driving process of social function. Because the Waze function is easy to use, interface lively interesting, soon by the young people especially the scientific community’s favorite, the Silicon Valley Bay area many technology company employees are Waze app stores. In the accumulation of a certain user base, Waze began to launch carpool logical function, the carpool function is solely for the purpose of solving travel to work by Waze, the matching user needs to meet the basic family in the same area, characteristics of the starting point and end point of work in the same place almost identical, so was Waze to match the success of users is likely to work in a large company, and living in the same community colleagues. Waze stressed that the carpool commuters travel fixed Waze carpool service also strictly limit the day use only two times, is to go to work and go home this journey two. In addition, Waze carpool service industry is not that drivers increased revenues for the main propaganda, but stressed that the work to save travel expenses and reduce road vehicles, through shared by the driver and passengers commuting travel expenses, save the total cost. The Waze of the carpool passengers only charge a fee of 54 cents per mile, and from Google does not charge any fees, the fees paid directly to the car, the car used to partially offset the loss of oil fees, costs etc.. Waze a year ago in Israel launched a similar carpool service!相关的主题文章: