Guangdong University Secretary reimbursement massage fee also accept arrangements for foreign travel-yuria

Guangdong University Secretary also received reimbursement for the massage supplier to arrange travel abroad according to breeze network news, former party secretary of Guangdong Medical College Jiang Wenfu accept may affect the impartial execution of official tourism activities arrangements. From 2013 to 2015, Jiang Wenfu has 3 times to accept the supplier of medical equipment and medicines arrangements, and relatives to Bali Island, Mount Huangshan, Anhui, Hainan, Sanya and other places to travel, costs borne by the suppliers of medical equipment and medicines. During the period, Jiang Wenfu will also be the massage therapy, swimming, banquets and other fees paid by individuals by the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College. Earlier, the Guangzhou Daily reported: Guangzhou daily news (reporter prospectus) reporter learned yesterday, the former party secretary of Guangdong Medical College Jiang Wen Fu (department level) on suspicion of bribery by the Guangdong Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Zhanjiang province for investigation and enforcement measures. The case is under further investigation. February of this year, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that the former party secretary of Guangdong Medical College, Jiang Wenfu alleged serious disciplinary problems, being organized investigation. Character resume: enlisted in December 1974. In August 1976 to join the Communist Party China, served as president of the The Fourth Military Medical University students team director, vice captain, director of the The Fourth Military Medical University Party committee office, deputy director of the Political Department of the South Hospital of First Military Medical University Bridge Building Party branch secretary, Department of basic, First Military Medical University Political Committee (deputy division level), deputy director and director of the Political Department of the First Military Medical University (positive heads) and other staff, won three two times. August 2004 Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Southern Medical University. April 2007 Ren Xinghai music college party secretary. Since January 2010 he served as party secretary of Guangdong Medical College. January 2016, was removed from the party secretary of Guangdong Medical College, standing committee member. The results of the research are as follows: the research field, meta theory and methodology of the study of life culture, which is the subject of the "2013 Year Plan" of Guangdong Province in 12th Five-Year. Study on comprehensive education of Guangdong Province, presided over the reform project "medical college innovation culture of life education theory and practice research"; presided over the research of higher education in Guangdong province "innovation school project" "life culture theory system research and practice of" research projects. The research results mainly concentrated in the field of life philosophy, established the basic ideas and content system of life philosophy, including the publication to life as the research object of the monograph books,: "life culture introduction", "altruistic or selfish life: from the perspective of culture choice", "life", "the introduction of pre Qin Taoism life philosophy of" etc.. Published more than 20 academic papers, has been recognized by the academic community and praise. Since 2013, in promoting professor Jiang Wenfu, Guangdong Medical College opened a course of "Introduction" culture of life, life education culture and philosophy characteristic, which focused on the implementation of different teaching methods for different professional backgrounds of the students, the culture "in China is still the first. In 2013, the "Introduction" of life culture was assessed as excellent school textbooks. In 2014, the course of "Introduction to life and culture" was rated as a provincial quality video open class. In charge of Professor Jiang Wenfu, the school opened a "culture of life forum.相关的主题文章: