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Guo Degang and the palace bucket will influence the laughter? – Culture – original title: Master of the palace bucket will influence the laughter? Guo Degang (left) and Cao Yunjin Guo Degang announced from the "cleaning" the date on micro-blog, together with the internal Deyunshe originally belonged to the "housekeeping" dispute was brought to the fore, Guo Degang micro-blog tens of millions of fans, or active or passive into the dispute. In September 5th, Cao Yunjin suddenly issued a long article, mentoring scores between the past and finally to a 360 degree hassle way on the internet. The reporter contacted Cao Yunjin’s agent, the other said, Cao Yunjin is now filming, not an interview, Guo Degang’s agent Wang Hai also say, "don’t want to yell". Perhaps after a loud noise, the matter will still be calm, but Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin believe that in addition to the court can see the outside world can only see the lake. The Guangzhou Daily Reporter Lin Fang head on comedian, please cherish the audience Everin Fang "crosstalk is a language art, the emphasis is shuoxuedouchang." From childhood to listen to the dialogue, this is a familiar prologue, but do not know what time from the beginning, the crosstalk gossip has become more popular than the work itself, in recent years, the limelight is gossip Guo Degang and his Deyunshe. Guo Degang himself once said, "the curse of the lips, who are more than him. However, the Cao Yunjin’s "war of words", many spectators stood in Cao Yunjin side, because without him, Guo Degang was scolded, too many people say that too much. In fact, the crosstalk factions long-standing, but few are so the palace bucket details onto the table, showing in front of people. Gossip, lively, often are left a feather, many users refer to the original stage, they bring laughter to our private, actually for money decorum, so unbearable? Crosstalk was originally an art that brought laughter to people, and was put on the color of "palace fighting", we will appreciate their works later, I am afraid it will be a play. As an actor after the derailment of a number of works are always hard to get recognition, when an actor’s character is questioned, the audience will not like his work from the heart. So also comic actor, cherish their feathers, cherish the audience for your love. Since the apprentice, friends, users are unable to silence Cao Yunjin this several thousand words long his apprentice Guo Degang wells, by all kinds of oppression, Guo Degang pulls out all the shame, and break the spectacular, immediately become hot news, the micro-blog message in many of them are in support of Cao Yunjin. For this storm, the majority of users believe that, with Guo Degang’s personality is not unrelated: "these years, people have been torn off, add up to have a class, right?" " Leave these Deyunshe disciples, is something he was always out of a loss, have become homely food. This time Cao Yunjin wrote this article…… It looks like The students surpass the teacher. rather than blue!" On Guo Degang’s silence, some netizens said: "so many years not Guo Degang have nothing out beep, how people finally responded, he put a pair of other first hands innocent posture?" )相关的主题文章: