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Half of the United States Network almost paralyzed U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes a warrant large-scale Internet paralysis 21 began in the eastern United States across america. U.S. public service, social networking platform, the public network server has suffered unprecedented serious attacks, half of the U.S. network almost paralyzed. Some analysts said the attack is not only an alarming scale, but also a serious impact on people’s lives. "WikiLeaks" supporters or become suspicious of the cyber attacks. According to reports, the Internet attacks caused by paralysis of the Internet in the eastern United States, and then spread to some parts of Western Europe, resulting in the disruption of Internet traffic, so that a number of well-known sites affected. These sites include the social network Twitter, online payment service PayPal, streaming music service Spotify, as well as entertainment, news and social networking sites such as Reddit. The reason for the massive network paralysis is the United States network service provider Dean’s server was a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). This attack is mainly due to the use of reasonable service requests to take up as much as possible service resources, so that users can not get service response. Dean is a major domain name server (DNS) provider in the United states. Its customers include a number of industry leaders and well-known Internet Co. DNS is the core of the operation of the Internet, the main responsibility is to translate the contents of the user’s input into the computer can understand the IP address, which will be introduced to the correct site. Once attacked, the user will not be able to log on to the site. 21, the same day the hackers launched a total of three waves of network attacks. According to Dean, the company said to the media, the first wave of attacks occurred in the eastern United States at 7:10 am or so, the staff carried out repairs at 9:30 or so to restore operations. But at 11:52 a.m., another second wave of attack. The third attack occurred at 5 p.m.. Reporters in New York also felt the impact of cyber attacks, when the site is obviously feeling the speed slow, and online payment system is temporarily interrupted. Such as the United States on the web site of the online payment system was prompted by the impact of cyber attacks, online credit card payment interruption". There are reports that the network paralysis caused huge losses. According to a previous report said: more than 1/3 of companies suffered DDoS attacks after the loss of more than $20 thousand per hour (part of the company’s figure can reach one million dollars or even tens of millions of dollars). Taking into account the affected company is not only the Internet giant in the industry, but also other small site number, attack time and close to 6 hours, estimated according to this standard, the attack damage is astronomical. So far, the United States has not yet locked the suspect identity network attacks. U.S. officials acknowledged that the location of the source of cyber attacks has not been determined. Dean said the attack was "well planned and well executed, with tens of millions of IP8相关的主题文章: