Has Frank Tv Been Bitten By The Writers Strike-kaya scodelario

UnCategorized When it was announced by TBS that Frank Caliendo would be in his very own comedy sketch program, I was thrilled. Caliendo, a long time Mad TV veteran, is best known as an impressionist. He is also known for other people such as Jack Nicholson, the entire cast of Seinfeld, George W. Bush, Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Dick Cheney, and his most famous: John Madden. As I sat down ready to laugh, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the jokes felt rather forced. I am not saying that the delivery wasn’t alright, but the writing was lagging. However, seeing as there is a writer’s strike that is debilitating many TV stations, this could perhaps be a mere side effect. Caliendo is clearly aware that he is best known for his John Madden impression, as evidenced by his statement of you probably expected me to do a John Madden sketch. And, of course, the audience was not disappointed as he cut to John Madden fixing a Thanksgiving meal with a main course of Turducken. This opening sketch was rather amusing and was a good way to open up the series. What followed was a sketch of Bill Clinton raising awareness for a clearly adult oriented library, a false Seinfeld reunion episode, a concert of three men who do voiceovers for movie previews, and even a sketch of Dick Cheney telling Chelsea Bush about how her wedding night should go. The comedy exhibited in the show was actually fairly clean. Now, this obviously was not G rated material, but it should at least be good if you’re the type who prefers cleaner comedy than most of what you find on TV these days. As I had said before, some of the jokes seemed rather forced. And the main problem one has when watching an impressionist is that sometimes, the impression is just too good. A good example would be when Frank does his Robin Williams impression. Yes, it is funny to watch a man make fun of Williams comedy style, but when the jokes made sound like an actual Robin Williams joke, it makes one question whether the impersonation was even worth it. The same principle could be applied to the Seinfeld 2047. The impressions were good, but the problem was that the sketch was so reminiscent of Seinfeld, that I actually did not see a difference between the impression and real thing. All in all, Frank TV was very amusing. Not exactly Emmy worthy, but it is amusing enough to get a lighthearted laugh. And while the writing may be lagging in the first episode, I expect the writing to improve, and the show has a central figure who is at least earnestly delivering the comedy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: