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Haze struck again, blue thin letinous edodes > October 13th at 16 PM, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency headquarters issued a heavy air pollution blue warning. Affected by adverse weather conditions in Beijing and North China, the PM2.5 based pollutants accumulated significantly, and the air quality reached the level of serious pollution. Beijing City Environmental Protection Bureau in today’s 15:30 will be raised to the level of early warning yellow warning level, is expected to be affected by precipitation in the evening of 16, air quality will gradually improve. PM2.5 1 of the harm to the human body, leading to respiratory tract obstruction or inflammation of the study showed that the particle size of less than 2.5 microns, the deposition of 75% in the alveoli. We can imagine, eyes into the sand, eyes will be inflamed. Deep in the respiratory system, is also a sensitive environment, fine particles as a foreign body in the respiratory system for a long time, the same will make the respiratory system inflammation. 2, pathogenic microorganism, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, soot and other take the ride into the body of cancer. In addition to their "bad", fine particles as a car can freely enter the respiratory system of the car, other pathogenic substances such as bacteria, virus, take a "ride", to the depths of the respiratory system, causing infection. 3, the impact of fetal development, there is a flaw in the discovery, people more worried. In recent years, some reports show that human reproductive capacity is significantly reduced, environmental pollution is considered to be the culprit. A survey from North Bohemia, exposed to high concentrations of PM2.5 in pregnant women was studied, found high concentrations of fine particulate matter pollution may affect embryo development. 4. PM2.5 particles can be transported into the blood vessels through blood gas exchange in 2009, an experiment was carried out in the urban area of Beijing city PM2.5, human alveolar epithelial cell line (A549) as a model for toxicological study. In this experiment, 25, 50, 100, 200 g ml and other different exposure conditions were compared and found that with the increase of the concentration, PM2.5 can cause inflammatory damage of these cells. How to prevent haze 1 please go downwind if you must exercise, if you must go out, if the pressure of the road, so, please try to avoid the wind wind, dust and air pollutants directly into your respiratory tract. 2 go out wearing a mask if you can go out wearing a mask, which can effectively prevent dust particles into the body. Masks to cotton masks the best, because some people are allergic to non-woven fabrics, and cotton masks are generally not allergic, and easy to clean. Go back, immediately wash the face and bare skin 3 amount of vitamin D in this season of mist, less sunshine, ultraviolet radiation due to insufficient vitamin D produced less, some people will have mental laziness, depression and so on, if necessary, to supplement some vitamin D. 4 avoid doing morning exercise outdoors breath are toxic, haze days exercise does more harm than good, shibude, indoor exercise is also good ah! 5 days can drink tea haze tea, ginger tea,.相关的主题文章: