He Jiong recorded injured minor injuries to the hospital was praised ddrtys

He Jiong recorded programs in a hospital slightly fewer than FireWire is like Sina entertainment news last night, the hospital staff suspected micro-blog broke the news that He Jiong [micro-blog] recorded in Shanghai during the show suddenly injured, was rushed to a hospital in Yangpu District for medical treatment. Nearly 9 o’clock that night, broke the injured He Jiongfa micro-blog Slide Show clarified, said just a slight trauma, has been done, go back to the programme, we don’t worry too much. Subsequently, He Jiong surgery quickly boarded the topic of micro-blog hot search. According to informed sources, He Jiong is in the fourth quarter of Hunan TV recording process of the new variety "surprise" in the accident is the number one foreign body injuries, but the injury is not serious. Not easily under fire, He Jiong did not take this injury in mind, can be said to continue filming, but the director group adhere to go to the hospital’s request, He Jiong went to the hospital the foreign body extraction operation of laser positioning. Currently, doctors have to deal with the wound, the injury is not serious. The treatment of the wound He Jiong, no patient’s appearance, a bright smile and medical staff cordial photo. Subsequently, He Jiong by micro-blog for the first time to the fans are safe, also did not forget to laugh and said, "lay into the operation room is because this is the standard procedure of the hospital, the doctor if allowed, I can jump into the operation room!" Again and again, said, with a new technology does not hurt a little more than ten minutes! Really rest assured!" However, the fans simply can not stop the concerns, warm heart and then the sun He Jiong detail map to the fans to ensure that such a small injury, do not worry!" It is reported that he immediately went back to the recording studio to re record the work into the program. So dedicated to He Jiong, let netizens "respect and love and pride", praising what the teacher is Chinese good chair. (commissioning editor: Bunny)相关的主题文章: