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Hebei Shijiazhuang held the 2016 general aviation industry development summit – Beijing new network in Shijiazhuang in September 13, (Li Qianju coagulation stroke) in order to promote the rapid development of China’s general aviation industry, in-depth implementation of the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development", "civil military integration", 13, during the 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and love to fly off the flight general assembly, 2016 General Aviation Industry Development Summit "held in Hebei of Shijiazhuang. Hebei provincial government, aviation industry experts, aviation manufacturing enterprises, general aviation enterprises, nearly two hundred representatives. The summit jointly organized by the Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s government China International Trade Promotion Committee, Hebei Provincial Committee, AVIC general aircraft limited liability company, Chinese Hongtai Industrial Town Development Co., Chinese aviation newspaper. Delegates talk about the new development of navigation, industry work, guiding and driving Tianjin General Aviation consumption, promote Hebei Province general aircraft manufacturing, UAV research and development production, general aviation operation navigation application, the development of the whole industry chain and the airport industrial park construction, promote regional aviation, expand international exchanges and cooperation in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. China CCPIT vice president of the Hebei Provincial Committee Zhang Jiansheng said in his speech, the Bohai sea and the demand of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region consumer groups on the rapid growth of general aviation. Hebei will focus on the development of general aviation industry as a strategic emerging industries, general aviation industry ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for development. Hebei Province, CCPIT, Hebei International Chamber of Commerce as a link between government and enterprises, domestic and international of the bridge and the link, will build the platform of Hebei province and the country’s famous airshow. Deputy director of the Hebei provincial transportation department, Hebei Province Civil Aviation Office Director Wang Puqing said that by 2020, the province general airport and strive to reach 30 or more, initially built around Beijing, Bohai and Hebei along the 3 general airport group. In the Hebei area of the development of the shipping industry, deputy general manager of AVIC general aircraft limited liability company Li Dongtao suggested that can speed up the infrastructure construction of network navigation system and accelerate the demonstration area, a new generation of products and foster leading enterprises, cultivate the market, strengthen investment and navigation spread aviation culture. Textron aviation group senior vice president Bill Schultz is responsible for the business area? Chinese, Shijiazhuang Zhengding airport from 2012 that he first came to the small airport now and the airport service modernization grand. But as of 2015, China has 296 airports, the United States has 19782 airports. He said that today, general aviation in the United States each year to contribute more than 200 billion U.S. dollars of the economy, more than 1 million 100 thousand people are engaged in the work of general aviation. China should not only build a general airport, but also to develop navigation operators, and to ensure that the development of aircraft, pilots and other factors, while China’s shipping industry is also developing a major trend will return to the shipping industry. Beihang University general aviation industry research center director Gao Yuanyang said, when the global decline in aircraft deliveries, China general aircraft on the rise, China is becoming the most important emerging markets in the world of general aviation, general aviation is war national key development in recent years)相关的主题文章: