Help Chinese enterprises in Namibia ping pong national team coach

The staff help Namibia funded enterprises as the country’s 2 table tennis coach of Windhoek Xinhua sports news (reporter Wu Changwei) in November 12th November 12th, the fourth session of the Namibia University "Confucius Cup" table tennis competition held in Namibia capital Windhoek, although Namibia did not win the championship, but the Chinese team won the Wang Yuqing said Namibia players competitive level and the higher the champion was more and more difficult. Wang Yuqing also has an identity, is the Namibia national table tennis team coach two. Beginning in 2011, Wang Yuqing and Cui Yunke from Chinese enterprises began to participate in the Namibia table tennis competition. "When we play with the local people, their technology is very backward, I pull the ball they connect," Wang Yuqing said. Since 2013, in support of Chinese Embassy in Namibia, the local Chinese people to participate actively in the development of table tennis players in Namibia, technical guidance, financial support and equipment donations made in an effort to enhance the comprehensive promotion of Namibia table tennis and technology. The Confucius Institute at the University of Namibia, in 2013, started the "College Cup" table tennis tournament in the year of. Remon Hansen, chairman of the Namibia Table Tennis Association said, China Embassy in Namibia sponsored by the table tennis match and the "Confucius Cup" table tennis competition to improve the participation of the people of Namibia for table tennis, Namibia table tennis level are very helpful. Chinese President Zhang Sufang Confucius Institute at the University of Namibia said, "set Confucius Cup" table tennis for the purpose of Namibia both sides communicate better, learning to provide a platform for Confucius to take this platform to itself in Namibia have been more and more people to know. This year, Confucius Institute of the Chinese team and the Namibia team of 8 players to participate in the "cup of the College of Confucius" game, the players are the national table tennis team players. Raymond has been runner up in the game, he said, with China players is very helpful to improve the level of Namibia’s. "I started playing table tennis in 1991, but I didn’t know I was playing a lot of games when I came into contact with the Chinese players." Hansen works for a pension service company, like other national team players. Table Tennis Association of Namibia in 1990 before the independence of Namibia has been set up, now, in rugby and football is quite popular in Namibia, like table tennis and people are keen to promote this sport more and more. However, table tennis in Namibia is still in the initial stage, the level of competition and management mechanisms need to be improved. In order to enhance the competitive level, 2015, Namibia, and the National Youth Sports Service Department hired Cui Yunke served as the Namibia table tennis team coach, Wang Yuqing hired as the two national team of table tennis coach. Cui Yunke and Wang Yuqing two times a week to train the Namibia players in the game when the tactical guidance. Cui Yunke said: "we have young players to practice the basic guidance, the players are very enthusiastic, especially children, very short time相关的主题文章: