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UnCategorized Did you know that there are over 3 million people in the US that will face anxiety panic disorder in their lifetime at any given time? Virtually anyone can experience it, even young children. What is more essential to consider is the sheer extent at which anxiety disorder symptoms can wreak havoc on the life a person. Anxiety panic disorder is a serious condition and one that there is help for. Yet, you have to seek out the help that is needed in order to benefit from anxiety disorder treatment. What Causes It? Anxiety panic disorder is often thought of as being a condition that is caused by inherited tendencies. Yet, this does not mean that if your hereditary says it is there that it will happen. Researchers have .e to learn that this condition is additionally brought on by other circumstances. Changes in your body chemistry may signal it. Or, more often, life situations, events and circumstances also can play a key role in bringing on a panic attack. What Happens? Anxiety attack symptoms will be triggered when a person has this condition. In anxiety panic disorder, these attacks are what are feared the most by those that suffer from it. In most cases, an attack will last, at its highest point, called the peak, for about ten minutes. The build up and .e down from an attack can happen over a much longer time. Additionally, once an attack does happen, a person may fear another attack and therefore bring on additional attacks over the course of an hour or more. Several panic attacks in the course of an hour are not unlikely. What Are Anxiety Attack Symptoms? While every person will handle their attack in their own way, there are many anxiety attack symptoms that can be present. You may have one or more of these symptoms during an attack. Pounding, racing heart. You may be sweating, without physical exertion. Shaking, trembling and the inability to control your body movements Shortness of breath, the feeling that you can not catch your breath. Chest pain also associated with the racing heart. Choking or the sensation of doing so. Nausea or you may feel an ache in your stomach. Dizziness, lightheadedness, feelings of your legs giving out. Feeling like you are detached from yourself. Feelings of losing control, or the fear that you will lose control. Hot flashes, tingling sensations, numbness, chills, and other bodily reactions. The fear of dying may also be experienced. Anxiety panic disorder is also a condition in which you will take your feelings to the next level. If you have had anxiety attack symptoms in a specific place, say while you are driving your vehicle, you may avoid driving again because you are afraid that it will trigger another attack. This can lead to pulling yourself out of your life altogether. Anxiety panic disorder is a condition that there is treatment for. If you face this or any other anxiety disorder condition, seeking out help through behavioral treatment, medications and alternative treatments can be a very beneficial occurrence. It can save your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: