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UnCategorized Exhaustion draws out all the energy one has. It does not only result to physical weakness but to mental weakness as well. The question is… what causes people to feel exhausted? There are many reasons for this but let us talk about the most .mon ones. Poor Quality of Sleep When a person has a poor quality of sleep, tiredness is often felt. The body needs rest and obviously, if it does not get any rest, it will not function well. There are many reasons behind poor quality of sleep. It could be disturbance from light or sound. It could also be caffeine overdose. Alcohol consumption can also be a reason because alcohol disturbs the natural sleep cycle of the body unconsciously. Of course, an un.fortable environment for sleeping can also be a cause of sleep deprivation or lack of sleep. When the room is too hot or too cold, you will not feel un.fortable and relaxed. This will cause you to wake up several times during the night. Medical Conditions Several medical conditions can also cause tiredness. Tiredness is a symptom of different diseases and health conditions. One example of this is hypoglycemia which is caused by the too low sugar level in the body. When the sugar level in the blood is too low, the body produces more adrenaline so you wake up at night and your sleep is disrupted. Allergies are also known to cause tiredness. When a person .es in contact with something he is allergic with, the body will react by fighting the specific foreign material. This response from the body uses much energy. Therefore, thoroughly check whether or not you are allergic to something. Do trial tests with some food by not eating them for a while and monitoring if your tiredness .es back. Medications Medicines, especially synthetic ones and vigorous treatments, can affect the energy level of the body. For instance, some analgesics and antibiotics make people very drowsy after taking them. Anti-depressants also slow down body functions and can often affect concentration and physical activities. Other treatments like chemotherapy are too vigorous that the body uses so much energy to withstand the treatment. Nutritional Deficiency It is obvious that if the body cannot get all the nutrients it needs, it will not function the way you want to. Nutritional deficiencies make the body weak and more vulnerable to diseases and tiredness. For instance, lack of iron in the body or the condition called anemia causes a person to feel tired because it leads to unhealthy red blood cells. Without sufficient iron, there will not be enough hemoglobin in the cells that will carry oxygen. Lack of magnesium on the other hand can cause insomnia or the difficult in sleeping. When your sleep is not enough, your energy will not be enough. Tryptophan is also another substance that regulates sleep. Lack of this certain nutrient can make it difficult for you to feel sleepy. These things that cause exhaustion can be dealt with. Consult with your doctor or a nutrition expert to help you in dealing with them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: