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For Hu Huanyong, 20 days through China (13) – Sohu of Zhangbei tourism prairie Road, known as the "Chinese No. 66 Road, famous, wurenbuxiao. Although not the most beautiful season, but enough to make people yearn for. The junction is located in Chongli county and the prairie day road in Zhangbei County of Zhangjiakou City, west of Zhangbei County on the south side of the ridge (near the fort Wildfox ridge Wildfox), East Chongli County birchbark ridge. A wind turbine tower along the road spread, filled the whole line of sight. White windmill, blue sky and white clouds, green grass and complement each other, constitute one of the most classic scenic road. Kopacz all aspects of performance are good, if the central control panel on a piece of integration on the perfect, or feel a bit messy! The twists and turns, ups and downs, walk on it, interesting. Black asphalt road and the yellow line itself is a beautiful landscape. Hundred miles, wandering twists and turns, ups and downs, quiet and far-reaching, leading to the sky. Early autumn color is only green single, but still can see clearly the level. Flowers and grass deep, Diewu bees fly, breeze, majestic and grand. The most interesting, in addition to the colors, and the lines arranged in a crisscross pattern, after the harvest of crops into various piles, stacked in piles. If you heard the burst blocking prairie day road section eleven heard news reports, such as the team winding dozens of kilometers of horrors, you will know the empty road is so hard. Along the ravines, uphill downhill, each turn, have different visual feast, or the lush hills, or long meadow or windmill, cattle, or terraced cottages, or brilliant flowers…… The most beautiful scenery of the grassland road or afar, there is a different terrain driving car comfort. The prairie road is the Mongolian culture in Yuan Dynasty and the Central Plains farming culture and the nomadic civilization and farming civilization Road, very deep cultural heritage. One of the most common grass along the road of the import routes generally has three, one is to enter Zhangbei from the east from Wildfox ridge, Chongli birchbark ridge is accessible from the bottom; two village, wind farm, Chongli from birchbark ridge is from Chongli; three from Zhangbei birchbark ridge, Wildfox hill. The following describes the characteristics of these three lines. Line 1: ye Hu Ling for the entrance of birchbark ridge for export from birchbark ridge after entering the approximately 30 kilometers, is the most beautiful section of the road, the scenery behind will gradually dim, as if from the entrance into the Wildfox ridge, will gradually find the scenery more beautiful, this is the choice of a line, you psychologically prepared oh. Disadvantages: G207 large truck traffic is relatively more, from S242 to enter the birchbark ridge; and if the travel time is limited, but after entering from the Wildfox ridge, traveling 80 kilometers to reach the most beautiful road, so please according to the self相关的主题文章: