Huang Lichen dove sound ease gold decline rebound after continuing bearish-t420s

Huang Lichen: a sound gold decline rebound to alleviate bearish gold on Tuesday because of the weak economic data from the US rose to $26, the ISM data is the worst performance in recent years, the LMCI index back quagmire, bad data suppression in August payrolls data on repair of vision, to decrease the probability of rate hikes this month. However, I like in last Wednesday’s paper "Huang Lichen: Rose Gold 1352 empty" lack of space began to say, December increased the probability of rate hikes, and restrictions on the technical side, to suppress the price of gold to rise, after 4 consecutive trading days, gold is in a downward trend. Gold soared after the weak, I in yesterday’s article "Huang Lichen: the golden open space down the weak short Mo chase" is expected to be, until this week, the price of gold fell below 1330 and then opened the downside, the bottom support is not obvious, so that the price of gold has once again dropping 1300 mark, but last night the speech of Fed officials, now that this possibility is greatly reduced. Yesterday evening, gold repeatedly tempted down, constantly refresh intraday low, the lowest reach 1320 position, but the Fed governor Brainard’s dovish remarks to save the market, alleviate the declines, the price of gold fell slightly rebound. Renard’s speech, the Fed next week to raise interest rates again reduce the probability of interest rate hike in September fell from 19% to 11%. The speech, Renard did not talk about when the Fed will raise interest rates, but that the removal of loose measures should continue to be cautious, which reinforces the Fed’s interest rate will remain unchanged next week view. The next week and a half time, the Fed will enter the silent period, the current market on multi factors complicated, gold yellow Lichen expected earlier this week will continue to weaken, after last night’s spoiler, adding more ideas change, we determined the short gold earlier, it is necessary to make some changes in today. For example, the price of gold today we’re from short of ideas, into operation in shock. Gold fell below 1330 after the space, in the last quarter because of the Fed governor Brainard’s speech and the end of the speech, the price of gold rose slightly after opening today. The weekly on the MA5, with the average MA10 moving average to suppress the formation in the 1330-1332 area, STO index lower position to form the MACD indicate a rebound, but the rebound fell to a limited extent, risk; on the daily chart, MA5 average Guaitou down to below the MA30 average, close to the cloth belt rail, the price of gold temporary cloth belt rail the 1330 position of repression, followed by MA5 and MA10 in average to form a resistance near 1335, STO overbought indicators Sicha go down, the gold price rally is limited; 4 hour chart, Bollinger band trajectory to suppress the formation in the 1335 position, MA5 and MA10 average to form a supporting position in 1328, continuous rebound index STO close to the overbought area, the gold price to rebound pressure increases, the resistance becomes obvious rebound in limited space. In general, affected by Fed officials dovish speech yesterday, the price of gold to ease the decline in a slight rebound, but the rebound in limited space, is expected to rebound after the following.相关的主题文章: