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Huang Yi’s divorce exposing depression: fear of being spit out new network new network in September 1, according to the Taiwan slobber – "Chinese times" the news, once in the "Princess" in the performance of the second generation of "little swallow" Huang Yi, and Huang Yiqing second years ago because of her husband divorce each bite, two people across the air on the Internet make mutual lift in, but fortunately recently managed to raise a Babel of criticism of, the event ended, Huang Yi recently a program with respect to second divorce had depression, "I don’t dare to go out, I was afraid to go out and spit slobber." Huang Yi program about his two failed marriages, was also generous guests Tucao men look bad ", in 2009 she married her first husband Jiang Kai, two people know 41 days a year after the flash marriage, flash off, Huang Yi said:" the 20 year old began to yearn for family, in love experience betrayal, experienced after don’t want to love, just want to get married, he hurried to get married, but also a divorce. I rarely fail, I do not want to have the feeling of frustration, lovelorn feeling, no courage to face anyone." As for the outside world more clearly the second marriage, Huang Yi said that the divorce that year is the lowest point in her life, some voices, the voice of the network are attacking you. I don’t dare to go out, I was afraid to go out, and then spit slobber "revealed suffering from depression," they told me what they do not want to ignore, I think I have lost all, I finished, but finally to her daughter, Huang Yi decided to play in the face of everything, "I only just as a mother how to climb up."相关的主题文章: