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In case of emergency brake to play mobile phone female passenger was hurt was the first instance against – lose Subway Company Beijing newspaper news (reporter Enron) in the subway is holding a mobile phone, be absorbed in immersed, suddenly the train stop, Ms therefore broke into skull fracture. Dongcheng court of first instance MTRC compensation for the loss of more than 11 yuan, the company refused to accept. Today, the case of second instance in Beijing City Court hearing. The accident happened in January 14th last year between the early peak of 8:30 to 8:40, Ms sit on the 2 line, suddenly because of signal failure, train emergency braking, the mobile phone is brushing MS fell out, head knock on the ground. After the event, she was diagnosed with skull base fractures, more than half a month in hospital. In November last year, the Soviet Union made a disability identification, the conclusion is 10 disabled. Since then, she filed a lawsuit to the court, asking the company to compensate her compensation for damages, mental solatium, transportation costs, nursing costs totaling more than 20 yuan. The defendant on the court of the three subway company argued: from the surveillance video, the incident is playing down the phone sumou, no handrails. A subway train with safety tips, also play Caution! Radio, subway company has fulfilled its obligations and prompt management. As an adult, Sue should pay attention to the obligations of the subway company can only support those who have evidence of damages 20%. The trial court also believes that although the plaintiff does not hold the handrail, should bear some responsibility, but that the subway company "due to the fault of infringement of civil rights, shall bear tort liability, the court identified three subway company responsible for the proportion is 90%, Ms compensation should be more than 110 thousand yuan. The company’s appeal today is that, in this accident, should not be compensated for the spirit of solatium, the responsibility of the MTRC is too high. Ms. Su today did not participate in the trial, her father and a lawyer to appear in court. Miss Su’s agent believes that the injured were due to the sudden stop of the subway, which is not a direct relationship with the passengers to hold the handrail. The judge immediately asked: do you think you need to sit on the subway ride handrails?" Su father replied: after I took a lot of photos in the subway, there are a lot of people do not help arm." The agent said: "according to the actual situation." Because both sides are unable to mediation, the judge said, will choose a sentencing date. J060相关的主题文章: