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In May three day return to the nest even field up hand piece May day incarnation sister Phoenix Entertainment News (by small group) in late August 26th, Beijing’s bird’s nest, an extreme "party" is staged. One hundred thousand cheers and passion to miss the whole stadium, the one hundred thousand moved into a beautiful blue sea to embrace the night sky – May Just Rock It is the official launch of the concert tour in mainland china. After a lapse of three years to return to the nest concert, "the concert" king of the day in May another surprise, not only to break his 2012 concert at the bird’s nest, even two records, for three consecutive days (August 26th, 27, 28, three hundred thousand) was the impact of new fans box office myth! When describe the May day "from the Nameless Highland to the bird’s nest for ten years" the new song "sing" any door, the audience is even more fans into laughter and warm memories of tears. Beyond May day in May three days only three hundred thousand fans for the first time since 2012 will hit the box office myth "Noah’s Ark" tour into the bird’s nest, "concert king" in May days has hit the "bird’s nest that is sold out of the billing record holder, 100 thousand tickets sold in three minutes. Since then, the record was added to the show, to become the only two people in the bird nest concert. In August 26, 2016, 27 days, 28 days, three days in May for "Just Rock It" is the 2016 concert that glory "nest", with 300 thousand fans together for three consecutive days of rock concert! Fans of a wave after wave to grab votes wars, domineering shows can break the May Day Concert record, only the May days! But in order to repay the fans, the tour "Just RockIt 2016" tour. The total cost is as high as 100 million yuan, by the international level "visual magic" LeRoy and Bennett "will be created to include" double perspective, "LED" cubic rotary stage lights "," magic table "for the tour to create special the authorities. Day in May by "annywhere door" lift tear memories "stubborn" after "stubborn" still in August 26th the first bird’s nest concert, May day with a high DO YOU EVER SHINE "song" domineering opening, also declared "Just Rock It" is the 2016 concert tour officially launched in mainland china. Then, with the big screen, Rotary year countdown time, "love", "Sun Wukong", "life", "sea end alone" before the album classic songs to sing the stage, the audience one hundred thousand fans in the lead under time machine in May day all the way back. The opening of a chorus of fans open mode, let Guan Yu praised: "there are one hundred thousand Axin site!" Axin then said: there are more than one hundred thousand I live, there are one hundred thousand monsters, the Martha of the one hundred thousand, the top of the crown, the one hundred thousand stones, a total of five hundred thousand people on the scene." Crown Yu said that the next day in May to open the five bird’s nest can be, instantly detonated the audience screaming high decibel! The first day in May a "stubborn" became the N generation of young people dream tear the Divine Comedy, after many years, May day in the new album "autobiography.相关的主题文章: