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Who missed the super moon in Wuhan, the play also cheerful – the moon a full moon shine Tianxin tourism Sohu, the largest holding century people. Last night, accidentally in the circle of friends to see the moon is Shuabing into the headlines, it knows in hindsight, 14 this month, the super moon 68 years maximum, 19:21 that evening, the moon and the earth throughout the year recently, 21:52, the moon to full moon looks bigger than usual, 14% bright 30%; if you miss this chance again to wait for 18 years. This will be the closest to the earth since 1948, and in the first 3 months, a phenomenon known as the super moon, it will not be the same as this, the National Geographic magazine said. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently pointed out that if you miss this opportunity, many astronomers may have to wait for November 25, 2034, to see the moon again close to the earth. The original Jiangzi, at the beginning of the month into the circle of friends also behoove the headlines. So go to the balcony to see the moon. Push the window at the moon is so round contour, can not wait for me to lift the moon into the cloud mobile phone. In the night sky, the moon seems to move slowly in the clouds, to break through the clouds. Ah, the moon occasionally show a full face, but eventually suck, only the blink of an eye, then hid in the clouds, like a shy woman, like people and deliberately hide and seek. He had to give up, this will be a few photos to my circle of friends, to participate in the sun in the super moon activities. There have to shoot the moon in the capital of the photographer friend, but look at this guy, weapons, day, people in this equipment, also make people jealous envy. Moreover, the small partners to see the pictures I sent, there is a message of their own rain or fog, what can not see, but also to say that the Wuhan for a long time, do not have. Suddenly want to shoot the moon in the clouds struggling video segment, but only a few minutes, the sky is nothing, as the phrase "I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally thrown into your heart", soon disappeared without a trace, no trace. I have a few blurred blurred photos, actually became a rare record. But it is said that, because of the weather, last night in most regions and century super moon missed missed. Most of the circle of friends of the moon, are P up. Look at this group of pictures of the moon, began to be stunned by the photographic technique. The moon is full into the basket, avoid leaning to either side, it is much worse my brother! Continue to have wood? There is no moon in the sky, make a moon and light up the dream. Others are sun moon, the sun moon, but also out of the ordinary, fresh and graceful, is especially attractive to the eye. But, the truth is here…… Seek this shock level. Roar, and that can see and to eat the moon, don’t be too talented! (part of the picture from the network)相关的主题文章: