Ink Cartridges – Print More For Less With Jet Tec Ink Cartridges-e2140

Hardware Replacing printer ink cartridges can be a costly exercise, and it can also easily increase the printing cost in the long run. The following tips from UK Ink Supplies can help you make your printer ink cartridges last longer. Use quality Jet Tec ink cartridges – these are quality compatible alternatives which are much cheaper than the OEM/Originals and can save you as much as 85% for some models. Press "Preferences" when the print setting box pops up after you press "print." Select the more economical "Draft" option rather than "Normal" or "Best." By doing this you will use less ink to print. This is useful if you do not need a high quality print. In the "Printing Preferences" window, press the "Advanced" button. Then select "Print in Black Only" to print in a monochrome style to cut the use of colour ink. You’ll be amazed at how much ink this can save you. Also, black ink cartridges are often cheaper than the colour, especially when the colour cartridge is an "all-in-one" block of three or five ink colours. Whenever possible, choose fonts that are thin, and avoid the use of bold or large lettering in the text. When you have to print large font sizes such as titles, use grey, and avoid using black or any colour. The other fonts may be fancy, but in reality, your aim is usually to have the document read legibly. It doesn’t have to look like some Latin scribe wrote it thousands of years ago! A wipe on a clogged colour ink cartridge can help the colours come out more smoothly and rid you of the problem of buying a brand-new replacement. Remove the colour printer cartridge from your printer and firmly wipe the nozzle with a lint-free cloth or moist paper towel. The result is a free-flowing printer cartridge that can last much longer than you think. Continue using the ink cartridges and ignore the printer’s signals that tell you the ink is running out (it’s still got life in it). More often than not, your printer can churn out hundreds of additional pages with the remaining ink in the cartridge. Keep doing this until the remainder ink is nearing the end. These practical tips can make printer ink cartridges last much longer and save you a considerable amount of money in the bargain. About the Author: retailer and stock the complete Jettec product range. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: