Interested in social networking applications pinterest month live users exceeded 150 million growth magicq

Interest in social networking applications Pinterest monthly active users exceeded 150 million growth of 50% Sina Technology News Beijing on October 14th news of interest in the social network application Pinterest revealed today, more than 150 million people use the visual bookmarks and ideas service, one of the about 75000000000 "ideas" to be shared, compared with an increase of 50% a year ago. A year ago, the company first disclosed the number of users, and announced that it has 100 million months of active users. The company’s CEO Ben Xiboerman (Ben Silbermann) said, in the use of Pinterest users, more than half and 75% new registered users come from outside the United states. Their service is no longer primarily to attract women, because men account for 40% of the total number of users, an increase of 70% over the same period last year. For some people, the number 150 million may not seem much, especially if you compare it to Facebook and Twitter. But Xiboerman different views: "Pinterest is more of a personal tool, rather than a social tool. People don’t come here to see what their friends are doing…… Instead, they come to Pinterest to find new ideas, to discover what they love, and to understand themselves in the process." Another statistic disclosed by the company is that Pinterest now has a daily recommended amount of 10 billion, equivalent to about $3 a year. More than 150 million visual searches per month, and more than 1 million business with thousands of active advertising, compared to the number of Facebook is 60 million. Facts have proved that over the past year’s efforts really benefit Pinterest, business growth has appeared. Previously, Pinterest has improved mobile visual search, launched a shopping bag, set up their own engineering team, to improve the pin in the right time, for the first time launched a hot topic edition, and the abolition of the ban on child links. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: