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Internet plus medical, will impact what kind of spark? Sohu technology in the face of surging tide of mobile medical applications, in the face of new technologies in the industry, the traditional medical institutions mobile construction situation? "What Internet plus in the end?" Internet plus medical "can produce what kind of chemical reaction? Internet plus medical = mobile rounds in an interview with reporters in the course of understanding that many domestic hospitals are concerned about the implementation of the hospital and according to the demand of mobile medical applications. Which is not only a common mobile mobile nursing, ordering, mobile management, mobile development day surgery of chronic disease management, mobile ECG, moving image access and mobile phone mobile applications have also emerged, is showing a mobile hospital, the event All flowers bloom together. contention of a hundred schools of thought. Speaking of their rounds, director of clinical department said, "more than and 30 beds, check the need at least two hours again, of which a considerable part of the time spent for medical records, reduces the work efficiency." According to the clinical needs, Chaoyang Hospital in 2012 began to explore mobile medical applications. In 2013, the hospital department of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, applications such as tablet mobile rounds system pilot. Chaoyang Hospital Information Center Deputy Director Zhao Qianqian introduced, the doctor simply through the tablet can be anywhere at any time to check the information of all patients in the Department, the management of patient data. With this system, in rounds, the director has issued what advice, can be on the plate direct input, information instantly transmitted to the doctor’s office computer, for the annual discharge reached 50 thousand Chaoyang Hospital number, the popularity of mobile rounds can save much time, you can count. Internet plus medical cloud cloud hospital = hospital is no longer just the concept of Ningbo city has been exploring. Ningbo cloud hospital as a support unit, Ningbo City, the first hospital, how to better provide support for cloud hospital? Ningbo City chief of the Information Department of the first hospital Wu Bin said "we are exploring through more channels to meet the needs of hospital information collection cloud, such as mobile mobile ICU mobile rounds, ECG, ECG monitoring, mobile infusion alarm used in reconstruction of hospital service process; for example, through the mobile terminal auxiliary family doctor service of diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, psychological consulting and other chronic disease, the hospital medical service landing." The mobile terminal application is no longer the icing on the cake, who play a leading role in the future market is still uncertain, Wu Bin said, "mobile application service in the hospital is gradually beyond traditional applications, and mobile terminal applications will quickly surpass PC application." Patient information management is not easy to realize the life cycle Internet plus medical image = cloud platform, one of the great data is the image you have done in the film? If not lost, the tide? For patients, it is not so difficult to manage image data. Hinacom CEO Cui Tongzhe believes that the Internet era image can also have a new mode of management. With the continuous deepening of the PACS market, medical imaging film will withdraw from the stage of history.相关的主题文章: