Investors should not listen to friends stocks aizi

Investors should not listen to the friends of the text of sina financial opinion leaders (WeChat public number kopleader) columnist Pi Haizhou stocks can not rely entirely on the recommendation of friends. The idea is to teach a man to fish rather than give him fish. Investors and their friends every day from the stock, as there are more leisure and friends to exchange investment psychology, exchange stocks, in order to improve their level of stocks. This is the most important. Medium and small investors in the center of the limited liability company and the Shanghai stock exchange in August 28th jointly issued the investor awareness survey report. The survey report shows that the choice of friends recommended the stock investors close to 50%, on news investors accounted for 21.74%. The survey concluded that "the choice of investors to buy stocks is not rational enough". It reflects many retail investors immature investment mentality, and the irrational stock behavior will cause herding, virtually increased the investment risk for investors, is not conducive to investors to make rational investment decisions. Choose a friend recommended the stock investors close to 50%, the results are not surprising. Because in the US, this choice on the recommendation of a friend to buy shares of the investors do There are plenty of people who. However, it concludes: "selection basis for investors to buy and sell stocks is not rational, then it is somewhat defective. Of course, A stock market investors are not mature, the stock market is not rational enough, which is a common phenomenon. Moreover, the choice of friends recommended stocks investors, it does have a lot of is not mature, stock trading is not rational. But if so that "the choice of friends recommended stocks investors are" not rational ", so this conclusion would be an absolute. Do investors want to listen to friends? There is no need for me to stick to this question. Standard answers from the textbooks, the stock should not listen to friends, but should listen to the analyst, or listen to investment advisers. But there are two questions. First, the level of analysts in the end how? Because in reality, the level of many analysts and investment advisers, itself is very limited. Some young analysts itself on the stock market experienced less and less experienced stocks, they usually only echo what the books say. Two it is not easy for investors to get in touch with analysts. After all, the real level analysts still very cattle in the market, like some small scattered, difficult to get in touch with these analysts, this is not to mention to contact, also let alone let these analysts to take the initiative to guide the market of small scattered stars. Therefore, let investors listen to the analyst, is nothing more than to listen to the views of some analysts, this lack of pertinence for investors. And the choice of friends’ recommendation to the operation, you can avoid listening to a lot of problems in the analysts’ recommendation. A friend recommended to choose stocks, as investors on the recommendation of "friends" at least understand, there is a certain strength and level of "friends", or investors will not listen to friends. Second, friends are around the people, you can contact at any time, so you can ask any questions. Third, as the side相关的主题文章: