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"Iron fist" released by "cold row of film stars behind micro-blog Sohu entertainment movie" iron fist "ultimate" iron fist "poster shooting scene real – Gyllenhaal Jack scar in the gym exercise Sohu entertainment news by Jack – Gyllenhaal, Rachel – Mcadams starred in the action of" iron fist "is inspirational movies in the theaters. The film in overseas reputation is not good, but in the domestic film cold film". On Sunday third days to row down to 5.3%, with a strong contrast bursting reputation. A lot of stars, industry sources have said micro-blog supported on the film, like a very positive energy good movie. To tell a good story movie inspirational copy from rolia is not overwhelming speculation, but careful to select a good story. "Iron fist" tells the story of Mike Billy from the bottom of life to fight, to win back the family and life story. The film not only has the kind of meat burst boxing scene, Jack Gyllenhaal played the boxer Billy the wife is more affectionate copy from rolia. Watching "iron fist", the audience said: "the film is burning, Jack stood in the ring and does not lose it." In the same file more than the full range of various types of films, there is so full of positive energy film is rare." Jack Gyllenhaal for the film scarred many stars behind micro-blog as an action inspirational tracts, "iron fist" burst are fighting scenes. The ring on Jack Gyllenhaal’s boxer Billy, even if he has been scarred, for the family he still desperately in the boxing ring with blood. In order to make boxing scene, with Jack Gyllenhaal performing boxing actors are all real occupation boxer, in the course of fighting, several injured his ribs, chin also smashed several times, but each time the director asked to stop filming, he would say: "I’m fine, can continue to play." Released just a few days, "iron fist" not only won the fans alike, in the network have also been many stars behind. Micro-blog said "Chen Kun forwarded the film is very interesting," director Zhang Yibai also expressed appreciation for the film. "The film," iron fist "to give you an answer, how to escape from the sinking in. Give you a goal, to all the disappointments and struggling to declare war." Bai Baihe forward this micro-blog and recommended the film, "passing all the good and bad, will eventually become the most complete experience to give you the most The imprint is engraved on my heart. a blow!"相关的主题文章: