Is Magic

Arts-and-Entertainment Magic is used to entertain millions of people every single year. Despite the fact that its entertaining, there are quite a few people who believe that magic is evil. There are people who believe that magic is the work of the devil. Yet most believe that magic is simply a harmless means of entertainment. So that begs the questions: Is magic evil? Some people like to divide magic into two categories: so-called white magic and black magic. White magic is magic thats used for good, while black magic is used for bad purposes. Others believe there is only one type of magic and how its used is completely up to the magician. For the majority of people magic is seen in movies as taking on all types of forms and being used for both good and evil. However, in real-life magic is only used as a source of entertainment. At least thats all the vast majority of people know about it. There are other people who consider the question – Is magic evil? and they answer with an emphatic yes. These are people who see any type of paranormal activity to be that of the devil. There are certain religions and religious beliefs that automatically label magic as being evil. Of course, these people have a right to their own beliefs but most people dont agree with this. Certainly not all magicians are bad people. In fact, the vast majority of magicians are good people. They have a desire to entertain people, which is a noble cause. Therefore, its difficult to come to the conclusion that all magic is evil. Its even difficult to believe that some magicians are evil. Evil is, after all, a very strong word and it carries with it some very strong connotations. But perhaps while magicians arent evil magic is? This is a possibility. But again, it seems that any activity that is able to bring pleasure to people both those who perform it and those who watch it cant be all bad. So there is no concrete answer to the question: Is magic evil? In the end its up to each individual person to decide for themselves. Judging by the popularity of magic, it doesnt seem that many people are actually of the belief that magic is evil. In fact, it seems that most people would agree that magic is an overall good thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: