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Jia Nailiang’s "in the mood" love happy ending soon – time donkey walking Jia Nailiang Jia Nailiang running entertainment Sohu Sohu Jia Nailiang self entertainment news in August 27th, led by Jia Nailiang, Guo Degang, Lu Yi, OD, Jin Shengzhu, the "Eleventh men" in the mood for broadcast. "Soon, God group who play tricks are more and more rich, jumped into the sea, fishing, riding a donkey, a cable car ride…… Too busy to attend to all his athletic talents, but also the amazing Jia Nailiang, everything almighty. In addition he also first brave to jump into the sea to the whole team do a good demonstration, win a round of applause. Will travel throughout the exciting and romantic, everyone’s personality is in the journey to show exhaustive. Jia Nailiang, who did not forget their own "love and beauty of God," the title of the United States and the United States to carry out a lively character. This period’s mutual evaluation, almost everyone has a compliment to Jia Nailiang is "good", this period has a small enough to see it in details: the program group arrangement we experience the donkey ride down the mountain, but because his hands carrying a bucket for fishing and fishing is relatively heavy, if a donkey too big, Jia Nailiang finally gave up on the experience, their weight down the winding mountain road. The move has also been greatly praised users praise, praise him a little detail can be seen a person is not caring, when the father is really good love"! In order to give home a long time, a surprise to the male god, the program group also found their family recorded warm heart video. One of the real love of Li Xiaolu touched countless viewers, a "I and the baby at home, and so on you" also made Jia Nailiang eye redness. Li Xiaolu also mentioned that Jia Nailiang because of the intensity of the work is too large, not enough rest, the spine has been bent, even when severe heart pain. See the audience here is also very distressed Jia Nailiang, did not expect to create a happy way for him, and sometimes even in the suffering of the sick, the audience for his dedication! Next Saturday will be ending "men" in the mood, with the audience for a whole summer male gods, also be in other works continue to meet with the audience. While the show ending soon, but the team will continue to bring us happiness, as Jia Nailiang always said on the show: "the most important thing is happiness, we hope that everyone can give people around the spread of happiness!" Next weekend, "in the mood"’s last period, we Be There Or Be Square!   相关的主题文章: