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Business If you are looking for the very best in Chicago Interior Design, look no further. Kenneth Walter certainly is the only design firm you will need, or will want to work on your upcoming project. From large corporate offices to smaller residential projects, there is nothing that Gray & Walter can’t tackle; you’ll get the results you want all the while respecting your budget. If you want to work alongside designers that will exceed your expectations, integrate your ideas and make meaningful suggestions without disrespecting your own vision, give Kenneth Walter a call right away! Kenneth Walter was one of the few design students from a small private college in southern California. After gaining a valuable education and practical experience that would influence the rest of his career, he was able to start up his own design firm which quickly established him as an expert and a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Walter prides himself in seamlessly blending style with function, allowing each client to benefit from a uniquely appealing design all the while being able to execute daily tasks in the space concerned. This means that no matter how small or how large a space is, Kenneth Walter will ensure that you can benefit from a functional space that reflects your individual or corporate vision and image. Since Gray & Walter have been based in Chicago for over two decades, it is safe to say that they are well established in the Chicago interior design world. You have most likely seen some of their work without even realizing it; their impressive portfolio includes clients such as the Ritz-Carlton and the Tremont Hotel in Chicago, the Chicago Club, the University Club, The Grill at The Mid-America Club, the Mansions of Lake Shore Drive, Flair Communications and many more. Gray & Walter has had the chance to work in some of the most upscale and private spaces in the city of Chicago and strive to offer full customer satisfaction. Of course, even individual clients can benefit from Kenneth Walter’s unique eye for detail; many residential clients have already benefited from Gray & Walter’s talent and skills. Whether you need a new design for your corporate office or simply want to upgrade your family dining room, Kenneth Walter will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. All in all, there is only one answer to all of Chicago’s design questions: Kenneth Walter. With a philosophy focusing on creating new designs while using the space’s current structure combined to the client’s vision and image, Gray & Walter has positioned itself as a leading design firm in Illinois and their work can be seen all across the country. For more information on Kenneth Walter or to browse through pictures of past work, please visit KennethWalter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: