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Causes of the deviation of the Sohu – the baby character maternal child disposition in infancy when the most vulnerable, so many children personality in the process of growth will change, a lot of parents will be very worried. In the face of the child’s character, mom and dad are helpless. In fact, the child has a personality deviation is a reason, mom and dad to do is to find these reasons. A family of 1 family factors, the main factors affecting the character of the children is that the relationship between family members, if the family members are very good, mom and Dad loved each other, the child’s personality development is relatively perfect. However, if the atmosphere of the family is always very nervous, mom and dad are always fighting, a long time, the child’s character will slowly deviation. 2 environmental factors the child’s environment will have an impact on the child’s character growth. If the growth environment of poor character, prone to bias, when children grow up may complain or reject psychology for some people or things, always hold it will slowly change character. 3 congenital factors have shown that if the mother is pregnant when the mood ups and downs, the child born after the character will be very irritable, these children are more likely to have a personality bias. So, if you want to let the child have a good character, expectant mothers in pregnancy also want to have a good mood. 4 physical factors of the child’s body with the disease will also make his psychological deviation, personality will also have a bias. Two, how to avoid the child character deviation? 1 too timid, let the children taste the bitter fruit of mom and dad usually can also let the children contact some setbacks, don’t blindly protect their children, this will make the children have no sense of crisis, serious and dangerous is not able to feel things. 2 courage is too small, encourage children to be brave for such children, parents first thing to do is to encourage children, so that children can overcome psychological barriers. 3 stubborn child, parents should adhere to the principles of mom and dad to do more stubborn, stick to their principles, do not because the child is not happy to soft heart. Otherwise, the child will be more arrogant pride. The child’s character to be cultured, so parents must pay more attention, do not let the child’s character in the growth path of deviation. — — more parenting knowledge, parent-child topic, award interactive login baby zone website access相关的主题文章: