Leaked video shows snapchat is creating a new smart glasses (video) lm3886

Leaked video shows Snapchat is creating a new type of smart glasses BI Chinese station on September 24th reported earlier news shows, over the years, Snapchat has been secretly developed smart sunglasses. However, the latest leaked video, for the first time disclosed the true face of the new smart glasses Snapchat. Allegedly, Snapchat’s new smart Sunglasses named "Spectacles", at first glance, the frame may still be configured with a small camera, and BI was originally discovered by Snapchat chief executive Evan · Spiegel (Evan Spiegel) a year ago in public wearing glasses is very similar to that of prototype. In this latest video leaked the beginning part, people can see the camera around a flashing light, seems to indicate that the state is in the shooting. The video also shows the image of the user who might want to shoot the scene as if it were a child’s birthday party. The video ends with a pair of grandparents watching movies on their mobile phones. The leaked video, for the first time, shows that a product similar to the prototype of a smart Sunglasses worn by Spiegel last year on the beach has been able to take photographs. In addition, at the end of the video, also appeared in a title screen, write "Snap Inc" to "Spectacles" and other words, while the Snap Inc is the name of the Snapchat may be used in applications outside the market and enter the field of smart sunglasses. After providing a link to the video on the YouTube, the BI got the video. Initially, for this video, Snapchat also released a copyright statement, but after BI won this video, Snapchat and the contents of the revocation of the video. In fact, BI got this video just for the purpose of news reporting. This video in the end is to achieve the purpose of promoting the internal release of the video, or as a preview of the upcoming release of new products video, the current situation is still unknown. Snapchat has yet to comment on this video. In addition, there are some indications that Snapchat may soon be publicly unveiled this new smart glasses. (compile Jin Quan) before the five smart glasses you need to know about the opening of Tencent Technology Agency account! Do you dare to flop, I dare to answer in the know you.相关的主题文章: